One thing that I detest during fall and winter is DRY SKIN! Every year I try my hardest to avoid dry skin because it causes my makeup to separate and look crackly. I’ve always used a sunscreen to moisturize my face before applying my makeup but this autumn I think I found my holy grail when it’s comes to makeup separation. I finally invested the time to find a hydrating primer and CoverFX has answered my prayers. After I apply my  sunscreen, I apply my Calming Primer.  I like this primer because it’s great for sensitive skin. If you’re like me, I suffer from hives and mild eczema. My sensitive skin is one of the main reasons why my makeup separates and this primer gets rid of my redness while calming my skin.

Lastly, when I finish my entire makeup routine, I love to spray the CoverFX Mattifying Setting Spray. I used to think setting sprays were a hoax but after a trial, I realized they actually get the job done. It keeps my makeup matte and together. I love a matte look because I don’t like looking shiny. In the summer, it’s cool to have a little shine to enhance your glow but in the winter I prefer my makeup to be all the way matte. If you guys and gals have any other winter makeup routines that you do, don’t be afraid to comment on this post.


Makeup by: Eduard Emanuel 

 screen-shot-2016-10-24-at-3-35-38-am                                                            screen-shot-2016-10-24-at-3-44-56-amscreen-shot-2016-10-24-at-3-46-26-am

I love making a statement! No matter if it’s with my words, creativity, or clothes. I continuously say this over and over again, but I truly love being colorful and classic at the same time. My unique style is definitely a combination of my French-Jamaican family. I enjoy different articles of clothing that are out of the ordinary. When I was home in Los Angeles, I picked up a killer $1 leather jacket at the Sunday vintage sale at Jet Rag (every Sunday all the items are $1). I have accumulated quite a few leather jackets over the years, so I wanted to make this one different. I met an amazing artist and creator in Philadelphia, by the name of Kev. He has some the dopest work I have ever seen and his ability to combine paint with fashion is remarkable. He is owner of Poison Apparel , a clothing line that changes perspective one garment at a time.

This fall I’m hitting the streets with my customized painted leather jacket created by Poison Apparel. I have received so many positive compliments on my eye catching piece. My jacket incorporates Egyptian hieroglyphics and my favorite phrase “BLACK GIRL MAGIC”. Since I am a true believer and representation of Black Girl Magic, this painted leather jacket is perfect for me. The use of the colorful paint on such a classic piece captivates the human eye. I love giving classic styles a twist because it shows me that I have the power to create MY OWN CLASSIC. Don’t be afraid to pick up a paint brush and a vintage leather jacket this season. You too have the power to create your own classic.


Ivy Coco

Photographed by Sydney Ferrara



Jacket: SheIn

Dress: Fashion Nova – Tanner Dress

Boots: Lola Shoetique – Ambitious Boots

Lately, I’ve been feeling a bit grey. No, I don’t mean gray as in sad, but grey meaning I’ve been wearing the color grey a lot lately (lol). In a month, it  will be the 1 year anniversary of the movie , 50 Shades of Grey, so maybe its a coincidence that I’ve been wearing grey. I’ve got to admit, I loved the way Mr.Grey dressed in the movie. His suits were sleek, slim, sophisticated, and sexy. That’s exactly how I felt wearing this grey outfit. I like to mix different shades of grey. My dress, jacket, and boots, aren’t the same exact color, but it works for my monochromatic look. Usually if I’m going to match, I like each garment to be the same color or shade, but in this case I decided to switch it up and it worked. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your clothes. When you think something might not work out, life surprises you and it ends up working out perfectly. In this case, your clothes might surprise you after all.

Photographed by: John Carlo

Hair: Carla Clarkson