Shot by @underground_nyc

Shot by @underground_nyc

When you first hear the word “curry”, I bet the lyrics ““I been Steph Curry with the shot, Been cookin’ with the sauce, chef, curry with the pot, boy” , from Drake’s  o to 100 song , pops in your head. Along with thinking about Steph Curry, I also think about curry goat or curry chicken. As a Jamerican, curry based foods are a part of my life diet. Curry doesn’t just taste good, but it looks good. The gorgeous yellow and golden colors of curry stand out on any dish.

I recently went from eating curry to wearing curry. This fabulous color has been plastered all over Zara stores in New York City. My mother bought me a ruffled, 70’s styled curry colored dress and I fell in love. For me, yellow is just a little too bright for me, but curry is just right. It’s still a bright color without being phosphorescent. The color also evokes the emotions of hope and happiness. Since curry is in the same color family as yellow, the colors are a representation of enthusiasm for life, confidence, and inspiration. Curry and yellow are highly visible colors, which can boost ones ego and emphasize how we perceive ourselves and how others perceive us.

Spring is right around the corner and I believe curry is the new black of the season. This is a color that knows how to make a statement. It looks great on every skin tone and has the ability to make you look good and feel good. Pop your head into your nearest Zara, Mango, or Banana Republic, just to see what type of curry they are stirring up in their spring collections.

Peace and Love,

Ivy Coco

Photos photographed by @1lensporter



Earrings: Vintage

Dress: Missguided

This week marks one year since has been my blog and brand. It makes me so excited to know that as a life & style blogger and social media influencer, my influence is growing. My blog/brand is like my baby and seeing it grow into something big is such a rewarding feeling. Through blogging I’ve learned a lot about myself, branding, and self branding. There have been moments and days where I wanted to give up, but I didn’t allow myself to. When I tell people I’m a blogger, I usually get 1 of 2 reactions. Some find it cool and powerful, and others don’t understand how I can support myself blogging about beauty, life, and style. Blogging is harder than people think. There are no professional bloggers from prior generations, so I have ultimate control over my career and how I choose to brand myself.


I am still building my brand and my queendom.  A queendom isn’t about ruling over a people or a community, it’s about guiding them and making sure they are given the tools and resources to survive. That is what the Ivy Coco brand is about, GIVING INDIVIDUALS WAYS TO ALWAYS REINVENT THEIR STYLE THROUGH FASHION, TRAVEL, BEAUTY, AND LIFE LESSONS. STYLE IS HOW WE CARRY OURSELVES, DRESS OURSELVES, AND CREATE OURSELVES. I want the community of the Ivy Coco queendom to know that as I grow, I want them to grow as well. Through blogging I am allowed to give my kings and queens my perspective of clothing, culture, and class. I enjoy sharing my favorite fashion finds, beauty tricks, and travel itineraries, but style is deeper than how we look. I want my queendom supporters to know that we must DRESS HOW WE WANT TO BE ADDRESSED. We must know what we want and acknowledge what is good or bad for us to know our personal style. AS WE EVOLVE SO DOES OUR STYLE and that is the beauty of knowing ourselves. My queendom will continue to grow and succeed because my key is to SHARE. I will continue to share my life and style through my Ivy Coco queendom and hope my fellow kings and queens will not just visit the queendom, but call it home.

Don’t forget to always wear your invisible crown!

Ivy Coco

Photographer: Brandon Hicks




Braids: @Naturalistabyeisha

Crop Top Bandeau: Zara

Denim Jacket: Calvin Klein (Vintage)

Embroidered Denim Jeans: Vintage (My Mother’s Closet)

In the spring and summer  I love two things, braids and denim. I know a lot of people are wearing cornrows and braids because it’s “trending” in high fashion and social media, but for the average black girl like me, braids are a life saver. Braids help my hair grow, lock in moisture, and look amazing. I’ve tried a new style of braids this season, some refer to them as “gypsy braids” or what I like to call them “Zoe Kravitz braids”. Little Ms. Zoe Kravitz is definitely my spring/summer style inspiration. Her style is always on point and she is seems so cool and carefree. The one fun thing about having braids is that they are versatile. I can style my braids in infinite ways and still look like I am making a statement. I like to switch up my hair, one because it’s fun and two because I enjoy keeping people guessing.

I love a nice pair of light washed distressed jeans or shorts in the spring and summer. A light washed denim jacket is also an essential in my closest. Many people aren’t a fan of the denim on denim look, but if you know how to pair different washes of denim, you can create the perfect look. I definitely recommend playing around with your old denim in your closet. Instead of throwing them out add some rips, tears, or even some bleach to your denim. Recreate your jeans and reuse them for a new look! Remember summer sixteen is about to be LIT, so you have to look the part as well.


Ivy Coco

Photographed by Brandon Hicks  (Instagram )




Dress: Missguided

Shoes: Forever 21 ( similar Faux Suede Braided Sandals)

 One thing I love about being a fashionista is that I love that have choices laid out in my closet. One day I can choose to dress like a 60’s queen, I can choose to color block my wardrobe, and I can choose to create any look that makes me feel fabulous. Heading into spring, I adore colors such as green, pink, yellow, and tangerine/orange. They are all colors that are vibrant and make you stand out. Different colors have the ability to make people feel. For example, green is related to nature and it evokes stability and balance. Blue is often related to skies and water, which makes us feel calm, safe and secure. Purple is associated with royalty and spring and gives off feelings of luxury and romance. Colors makes us feel without us even knowing. When we choose our outfits, sometimes it is a reflection of how we feel that day. Our clothing choices are more powerful thank we think.

Choices throughout our daily life are powerful. My mother always told me growing up “Baby! Life is all about choices”. I listened to her say it so much, I live by it and have it tattooed on my back, she also told me to never get a tattoo, but that was my choice, lol. Every single day we make choices, when we wake up we choose to be happy or cranky, we choose if we are going to eat some that is healthy or unhealthy for our diet. These are simple things that we think might not affects us, but they do. The other day my best friend and fellow blogger, Sarahn, told me that THE MINUTE YOU CHOOSE TO DO WHAT YOU REALLY WANT TO DO, IT’S A DIFFERENT KIND OF LIFE. She is absolutely right and that statement created a fire within me that made me feel excited. Between my mother and best friend, choosing to make choices that benefit me and my happiness are the most important. We can’t always be “Captain Save Everyone”. We must choose to make choices that have a positive impact on our long term future. Sometimes we make choices for a short term happiness, and sometimes it doesn’t turn out well, which can lead to regret or a deep learning lesson. No matter the circumstances, make sure you are pleased with your choices. Making a positive choice evokes power, prosperity, and peace and that is how I choose to live my life.

Peace & Love,

Ivy Coco

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Pictures taken by: Gabriel Sanchez ( Instagram: @gabe_media)