Ever since I was 13, I’ve always had a problem with acne. It is something that I feel self conscious about, even till this day as a 22 year old. When I was in my freshman year of college, my mother took me to an amazing Beverly Hills dermatologist by the name of Dr. Susan Evans. She was able to get rid of my acne but I was still suffering from small dark marks and hyperpigmentation. For those of you who don’t know what hyperpigmentation is, it is ” a common, usually harmless condition in which patches of skin become darker in color than the normal surrounding skin. This darkening occurs when an excess of melanin, the brown pigment that produces normal skin color, forms deposits in the skin” (http://www.aocd.org). Now that I am a young adult, it’s time to say goodbye to those acne days  FOR GOOD and hello to clear skin.

Many people use chemical peels or other skin brightens to get rid of their dark marks, but I tried it before and I felt it was too harsh for my sensitive skin. I also started to realize that my skin was getting lighter. When I looked in the mirror, I felt as if my skin looked like I was bleaching it instead of brightening it. I was recently in Morocco and I had a minor break out. Some pimples left some scars and I began to freak out. I thank God that I had  my True Botancials skin care products with me because it made a drastic change in my skin.

My night routine that helped with the scarring, consisted of the hydrating cleanser, toner, cellular repair serum, and the vitamin C booster. The hydrating cleanser was able to fight any recurring acne and the cellular repair serum mixed with the vitamin C booster was able to battle the scars and minor marks.  The cellular repair serum  is ” a true force of nature that strengthens the barrier function in aging skin while fighting adult acne. “(True Botanicals). The vitamin C booster ” stimulates collagen production, firms and repairs skin, fights wrinkles, evens skin tone, brightens aging skin.” (True Botanicals). Lastly, at the end of my routine I used the toner to give my skin an even complexion. I highly recommend this routine if you are looking for products that are natural. I am trying to stay away from using too many chemicals on my face or body, so I feel that True Botanicals is a great substitute.

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Cellular Repair Serum, CLEAR

Prevents blemishes. Improves barrier function and moisture retention. Nourishes aging skin. Restores suppleness. Imparts soft, dewy, smooth skin.

Full Size (1 fl oz | 30 ml) $ 140.00





Vitamin C Booster

Vitamin C in its freshest form. Stored in a dark glass shaker, it retains its maximum potency until the moment it’s mixed with a serum.

Full Size (Net wt .49 oz | 14 g) $ 90.00





Since fall is here and we are going to be transitioning into winter soon, it is so important to me that my skin and hair are both moisturized. Skincare is important to me because I do wear make up often and makeup always look flawless when the skin is healthy and hydrated. The high winds make my face dry but thanks to Erno Laszlo, I have found the perfect face hydrating and nourishing products that have given my skin a glow


The best thing about these products are that they are a cleansing duo. All you have to do, in the morning and evening, is rub the cleansing oil on your face and dip the cleansing bar into warm water and rub on your face, along with the oil.

Press the link to see a visual tutorial : https://vimeo.com/176616610




This toner should be applied on the face after using the cleansing duo in the morning and evening. Pour a small amount on a cotton ball and rub it evenly and gently on your face.

Press the link to see a visual tutorial : https://vimeo.com/39289340



The sleep mask is an overnight mask that should only be used twice a week. After using the cleansing duo and toner, I apply a small amount on my face and upper neck and leave it on my face until the morning. Wash it off , moisturize, and you’re ready to go


Keeping my hair nourished and moisturized is VERY important to me as well. Good Hair Day is an amazing company that carries some of the greatest flat irons and curling irons that keeps your hair healthy and moisturized. I don’t like irons that burn my hair but GHD hair irons are set at the proper temperature that don’t over heat your hair. Also, the plates that are used on the irons are made to lock in the hairs moisture.

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Remember to stay hydrated!


Ivy Coco