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 For me, autumn is all about flannels, leggings, sweaters, and leathers. Feeling comfortable in my clothing is a must, especially when temperatures begin to drop. I REALLY love fall because sometimes you get sunny days with the perfect amount of breeze or a day that is overcast and at the peak of the day, the sun comes out. COMFORT is KEY and what is more comfortable than a chunky sweater? I’ll wait…. Haha, I’m just  pulling your leg. The best part about chunky sweaters are that they are very inexpensive. If you’re not try to spend cash, go look in your Mom’s closet or your Grandparents (you might find some vintage goodies). Also, you could go to your local thrift store or Goodwill and find one between $5- $10.
  I remember back in high school, every girl used to wear chunky sweaters  with black leggings. Why? you might ask, because they were comfortable AF and they still are. Now that my style has evolved, I’m still wearing black leggings (LOL), but they have a twist to them. I recently got these really cool tie up leggings from Windsor Store with eyelet Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 6.00.54 PMdecor. They are very comfortable and cute, but I don’t suggest wearing them when traveling. The last time I wore those bad boys, they let off the metal detector at TSA which was very annoying. They are perfect for a fro-yo run, going out, or lounging around the house. They can be paired with a chunky sweater or a flannel, like how I paired them in the photos below.
Ivy Coco
P.S. Don’t get comfortable in life, but when it comes to style comfortable is cute AF!

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Photos by Missaei
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Jacket: Zara

T-shirt: Forever21

Pants: Zara


Sunglasses: Quay Australia

Wallet/Purse: Louis Vuitton

When summer comes around, don’t you just love bright and pastel colors? I know that I love pastel colors like pink, blue, yellow during Spring, but when late Spring and early Summer starts to come around my color palette gets bolder. Since it’s still mid-Spring i’m still feeling my pastels. I love the pinkish salmon color I shot in front of. Color blocking with monochrome outfits are one of my favorite things to do because I love color. Pastel and bright colors add peace and excitement to my life at the same time. It’s so much fun to play around with lights and dark, and cools and warms. Even though white is one of my favorite color, I didn’t just show my love for it in my outfit, but also for my eyeliner. White eyeliner is my favorite during Spring and Summer. It helps create a more slender eye shape, and for people like me who already have almond shaped eyes, it just enhances my chinky-ness. My favorite white eyeliner is by NYX cosmetics. It comes in a liquid form and stays on all day. No matter if I’m wearing colorful clothes or colorful makeup, I love the way colors make me feel. Being a French-Caribbean, colors have always been my thing. I enjoy stepping out my comfort zone, to explore how different shades and hues make me feel.



Picture by: Nico IG: @nicola_visuals