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Valentine’s day is less than a week away and you’re probably thinking what you should buy for your lover or yourself. Yes, that’s right, I said YOURSELF. Valentine’s Day is about love, so don’t forget that self love is very important. To me, it’s important that I spoil myself here and there. It’s nice to gift someone with the traditional chocolates and flowers but you can never go wrong with a new bag. Whether you are shopping for he or she, the Dagne Dover Landon Carryall is a must have! This bag comes in three sizes (small, medium and large) ,four colors, and is unisex.  It’s perfect for going to work, the gym, or a quick weekend trip. My favorite feature is that the bag is 100% neoprene fabric. The fabric is so high tech that you can wash it and dry it.  There are multiple compartments, one for your phone, laptop, and it comes with a mini pouch.

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Different sizes come with a different prices but the good thing is that all the bags are UNDER $200. Step out the Valentine’s day comfort zone and buy a bag without breaking the bank!

Photographed by : @underground_nyc 

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Fur Jacket and Pant: Ayasa Afi

  One of 2015’s biggest Hip-Hop hit was the song “Coco” by OG Genesis. Everyone was so amused with the catchy chorus that goes “I’m in love with the Coco”. Since my nickname is Coco, people were quick to sing it to me. It was fun to hear my name and people were saying they were in love with me, so I totally loved it. Yes, my name is Coco, and yes, I love coconut. I love the inside of a coconut, the water is full of rich nutrients, and the meat is thick, sometimes tender, with a crunchy texture. The lining of a coconut is gorgeous white color, which adds beauty to the fruit.

  White is one of my favorite colors to wear, especially during the winter. One of America’s fashion rule is no white after labor day, but I definitely don’t follow that rule. I have dual citizenship with America and France, so I guess I get a pass, lol. Seriously though, I like white and I enjoy wearing it. White during winter has always been a favorite of mine, ever since my mom bought me a white faux fur coat for our winters in New York. That white fur coat, made my 10 year old self feel like I had status. I loved that I could standout in the color white, and look fabulous at the same time. Wearing white should not be a crime, it should be a color that allows you to have a good time. Yes, you have to be careful when eating or drinking, but hey, that’s with all clothes. From food to fashion, I guess you can say that Ivycoco is in love with Coco!

Tips for wearing white outfits:

  • White pants/jeans are always classic to wear with a classic rock tee
  • An oversized boyfriend fit white collared shirt can easily be paired with some mom jeans, topped off with a classic high top white converse
  • A white on white suit (blazer & touser) is always sexy and classic, when attending a formal event. ( I love a boyfriend fit suit accented with a pair of stilettos)
  • Lastly, I love a white fur coat or vest. White fur stands out with an all out black outfit. In the winter I like a black turtle neck paired with a black trouser. You can accent your outfit with a pair of black sunglasses or some great patent leather oxfords.


Ivy Coco

P.S. I also love hot cocoa

Photographed by: Marcus Derricotte

Makeup Artist: Shanah

Hair Stylist: Saadiyah