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Being in Marrakesh, Morocco, at the amazing boutique hotel, Jnane Tamsna, was an incredible experience. It was full of great food, great people, great culture and a whole lot of dry heat. It was so hot, that 110 degrees was normal. Don’t get me wrong, I loveeee the heat, but that was heat that could fry some bacon. That being said, when it’s too hot outside, I tend to wear my hair in a style that is pushed away from my face. In high heat, gel tends to feel like it is melting on my scalp. Pomade gives my hair a good hold that feels light and I always want my edges to be laidddddd, so I started to use the Form Beauty, Polish Pomade.



The polish pomade is lightweight and  “uses a blend of oils to lock in moisture, fight frizz and provide a smooth look and soft feel” ( I was able to create the hairstyle, in the pictures above, in four simple steps.

  1. Since I was going for a sleek but bushy look. I first brushed out all of my curls.
  2.  I made a part in the center of my head but I only parted it half way.
  3.  I then damped the front part of my hair so my edges and the front could be slicked down and the back could big and bushy.
  4. Lastly, I brushed down the front area down and pinned it tight. I made the back part of my hair bigger and bushier for as 70’s style inspired look.







As the month of March comes to an end, also known as, Women’s History Month, or what I like to say, Women’s HERstory Month, I must acknowledge my hardworking women and girls for always staying on top of their grind. In the words of Queen Bey, ” I Dream it. I work hard. I grind ’til I own it” and that is exactly what women have been doing and will continue to do. I always knew my entire life I was going to be my own boss and it’s so refreshing to see other women and girls making the rules instead of following them. Being a boss babe doesn’t mean you’re a money hungry B&t%h, it means you are breaking the societal norm of being domesticated and paving the way for a new normal. It can sometimes be threatening to other women and men seeing a woman or girl in power, but to me being brilliant, beautiful, and a boss is the real deal. When rappers like Drake start rapping about boss ladies throwing their men a prenup, you know times have changed. Even though women are picking up their paychecks and hiring a manny (a male nanny, lol!), women and girls still have to grind a little harder than a man.


  • As women, we shouldn’t feel that we need to compete with each other or search for satisfaction from a man. When women are able to put drama aside and realize that fighting for something has a greater impact than fighting each other, bonds and businesses begin to form.


  • Every girl has been told “act like a lady” or ” be more lady-like”, because their legs weren’t crossed or they were”acting like a boy”. When women start making it to big league businesses that are run by established white men, women who are dominating will most likely be told to stay in her lane or once again “act like a lady”. Even as emotional creatures, women still have the ability to fight back with self-discipline. People are always going to tell women what they can’t do, that’s why women are able to show what they can do.


  • Often times women are told the word, NO, because of the stereotypes that are attached to being a woman. Women cannot accept “NO” as an answer. No only means work harder and prove them wrong.

4. I AM A WOMEN/GIRL and I AM….. Black,Latina, Muslim, etc. 

  • Being a girl is hard, but when being a Black girl, Latina girl, Muslim girl, or whatever you are, things can be harder. Even though race and gender shouldn’t matter, it does, and it can have an affect on finances, status, and  businesses. As women of all races and backgrounds, we must unite each other and uplift the diversity of all women. Let’s get in formation!


  • For women and girls, the grind never stops, and that is okay because women are going to work hard and grind ’til they own it. More women are becoming CEO’s, entrepreneurs,  doctors, and accountants, proving that women do have control over their own lives and fortune 500 companies. Women didn’t come to play, they came to SLAY!


Photos taken by : John Carlo (Instagram)


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