Ever since I could remember, my Papa, Eric Maurice, has always been the beau of the ball. His dapper demeanor never goes unnoticed when he enters a room. He is in a class of his own with his salt and pepper hair, fierce walk, impeccable style, and that sexy french accent to top it off. Papa is definitely not your average 56 year old man. He manages to live a 007 lifestyle between Los Angeles and Paris while staying fit, fashionable, and fearless.

Over the years, he always made it imperative that he dressed for success. Growing up with a European father with exquisite taste made shopping 10x more fun. Papa never believed in leaving the house in pajamas or sweats, he believed in dressing how you wanted to be addressed. Every season, he would take my brother and I to the big outdoor outlets in Camarillo or Pam Springs, located in California. Together, we would shop all day, maybe get a Auntie Anne’s pretzel in between stores, then continue shopping until we heard  “Attention! the shops will be closing in 15 minutes”. During those long days of shopping, my father taught me color swatches, fabrics, quality versus quantity, and the essentials I needed to have. If Eric Maurice was going to look his best at all times, his kids were going to as well.

Since my father blessed me with dual citizenship between France and The United States, we’ve had many shopping dates that have occurred in Spain, Paris, and London. I’ve been so fortunate to see different cultures and fashions around the world because of my father. He has opened my eyes up to see that fashion everywhere, it is inspired by architecture, food, and people. Still to this day, Papa reminds that having one style or being good at one thing isn’t good enough. Yes, you should have a signature look that represents your style, but also be able to diversify your style. Being able to show people that you can tap into different genres of fashion and life, expands how people view you as a person.

The best lesson that Papa has taught me about style is that there is power when entering a room well dressed. No matter how many designer brands you buy, it will never equate to confidence. Along with Papa’s Sean Connery looks, his confidence is what makes every outfit perfect. To me, Papa is Mr.007 because he isn’t an ordinary man who allows the suit to wear him, he wears the suit. He knows that he can accomplish anything when he looks good and that fuels him to make every mission possible.



Photographed by @Mamadivisuals



Dress: Missguided

Shoes: Forever 21 ( similar Faux Suede Braided Sandals)

 One thing I love about being a fashionista is that I love that have choices laid out in my closet. One day I can choose to dress like a 60’s queen, I can choose to color block my wardrobe, and I can choose to create any look that makes me feel fabulous. Heading into spring, I adore colors such as green, pink, yellow, and tangerine/orange. They are all colors that are vibrant and make you stand out. Different colors have the ability to make people feel. For example, green is related to nature and it evokes stability and balance. Blue is often related to skies and water, which makes us feel calm, safe and secure. Purple is associated with royalty and spring and gives off feelings of luxury and romance. Colors makes us feel without us even knowing. When we choose our outfits, sometimes it is a reflection of how we feel that day. Our clothing choices are more powerful thank we think.

Choices throughout our daily life are powerful. My mother always told me growing up “Baby! Life is all about choices”. I listened to her say it so much, I live by it and have it tattooed on my back, she also told me to never get a tattoo, but that was my choice, lol. Every single day we make choices, when we wake up we choose to be happy or cranky, we choose if we are going to eat some that is healthy or unhealthy for our diet. These are simple things that we think might not affects us, but they do. The other day my best friend and fellow blogger, Sarahn, told me that THE MINUTE YOU CHOOSE TO DO WHAT YOU REALLY WANT TO DO, IT’S A DIFFERENT KIND OF LIFE. She is absolutely right and that statement created a fire within me that made me feel excited. Between my mother and best friend, choosing to make choices that benefit me and my happiness are the most important. We can’t always be “Captain Save Everyone”. We must choose to make choices that have a positive impact on our long term future. Sometimes we make choices for a short term happiness, and sometimes it doesn’t turn out well, which can lead to regret or a deep learning lesson. No matter the circumstances, make sure you are pleased with your choices. Making a positive choice evokes power, prosperity, and peace and that is how I choose to live my life.

Peace & Love,

Ivy Coco

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Pictures taken by: Gabriel Sanchez ( Instagram: @gabe_media)