One thing that I detest during fall and winter is DRY SKIN! Every year I try my hardest to avoid dry skin because it causes my makeup to separate and look crackly. I’ve always used a sunscreen to moisturize my face before applying my makeup but this autumn I think I found my holy grail when it’s comes to makeup separation. I finally invested the time to find a hydrating primer and CoverFX has answered my prayers. After I apply my  sunscreen, I apply my Calming Primer.  I like this primer because it’s great for sensitive skin. If you’re like me, I suffer from hives and mild eczema. My sensitive skin is one of the main reasons why my makeup separates and this primer gets rid of my redness while calming my skin.

Lastly, when I finish my entire makeup routine, I love to spray the CoverFX Mattifying Setting Spray. I used to think setting sprays were a hoax but after a trial, I realized they actually get the job done. It keeps my makeup matte and together. I love a matte look because I don’t like looking shiny. In the summer, it’s cool to have a little shine to enhance your glow but in the winter I prefer my makeup to be all the way matte. If you guys and gals have any other winter makeup routines that you do, don’t be afraid to comment on this post.


Makeup by: Eduard Emanuel 

I don’t care what anyone says, I know that every stylish young millennial loves a good camo jacket. If you’re financially friendly like me, I enjoy thrifting for a good camo jacket or pant. When fall comes around, I start to see more and more camouflage patterns come out the closets. A camouflage jacket is such a great statement piece that can be worn multiple ways. If you pair it with the right outfit you’ll be surprised how a rustic army jacket and become a classic.

  1. WITH A FITTED DRESSimg_2406








2. WITH A PAIR OF BLACK JEANS                                                     

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All Photos below were photographed by Aaron Ricketts