Spring has sprung and summer is around the corner. This means that hair gets lighter, skin gets darker, and denim gets distressed. If your summer denim wardrobe doesn’t have any rips, tears, or bleach, it’s time for you to start shopping the Mahjing Wong Denimu Season 1 collection. If you don’t know already, Mahjing Wong was on Project Runway 15 and ripped his way into being a finalist. Wong is known for his innovative use of denim. This denim doyen knows how to mix and match different denim tones, but he also creates his own denim colors. As the saying goes “if they don’t have it, create it” (I think I made that up, LOL), and that is exactly what Wong does. The best thing about his garments are the construction. Wong knows how to construct denim to a tee. No matter if he is creating a skirt, dress, or trouser, he can make denim look sexy on any silhouette.

Make sure to shop the Denimu Season 1 collection at http://www.mahjingwong.com/category/denimu-season-1

Instagram : @mahjingwong

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Photographed by Rai Smalls 


Braids: @Naturalistabyeisha

Crop Top Bandeau: Zara

Denim Jacket: Calvin Klein (Vintage)

Embroidered Denim Jeans: Vintage (My Mother’s Closet)

In the spring and summer  I love two things, braids and denim. I know a lot of people are wearing cornrows and braids because it’s “trending” in high fashion and social media, but for the average black girl like me, braids are a life saver. Braids help my hair grow, lock in moisture, and look amazing. I’ve tried a new style of braids this season, some refer to them as “gypsy braids” or what I like to call them “Zoe Kravitz braids”. Little Ms. Zoe Kravitz is definitely my spring/summer style inspiration. Her style is always on point and she is seems so cool and carefree. The one fun thing about having braids is that they are versatile. I can style my braids in infinite ways and still look like I am making a statement. I like to switch up my hair, one because it’s fun and two because I enjoy keeping people guessing.

I love a nice pair of light washed distressed jeans or shorts in the spring and summer. A light washed denim jacket is also an essential in my closest. Many people aren’t a fan of the denim on denim look, but if you know how to pair different washes of denim, you can create the perfect look. I definitely recommend playing around with your old denim in your closet. Instead of throwing them out add some rips, tears, or even some bleach to your denim. Recreate your jeans and reuse them for a new look! Remember summer sixteen is about to be LIT, so you have to look the part as well.


Ivy Coco

Photographed by Brandon Hicks  (Instagram )




Shirt, Shorts & Jacket: Thrifted

Bandana: My local dollar store

Boots: Top Shop

Whether you believe it or not, we all have our own signature statement. Some have signature hair, a signature smell, or a signature look. These are all things that make a statement about who we are. Our signatures makes us standout and show that we are unique in our own way. Your signature statement doesn’t have to stay the same throughout your entire life. As humans, we are always evolving. We aren’t expected to stay the same, so embrace your change. Whenever I have an urge to try or do something new, I make sure I write it down! I guess you can say that I am starting my bucket list early, lol. Before I start checking things off my big bucket list, I am doing small things that can make a statement during my every day life. For example, a simple smile can actually make a HUGE statement. I’ve been seeing the whole “resting B*t$& face” craze on social media, and I definitely don’t want to have that facial expression. It’s really unattractive when you are attracted to someone that has a bad attitude or facial expression. I have to catch myself here and there, because sometimes my face looks like I’ve smelled some terrible cheese, but I’m actually perfectly fine. How you express your emotions make a statement about who you are.

When I am not trying to improve on myself, I am usually trying to figure out how I can make a statement within my wardrobe. Usually when it comes to outfits, you can make a statement with jewelry or other accessories, but I have never been a big jewelry person. A trending look that I have been loving, that is great on both men and women, is wearing a bandana. A bandana is fun to wear in place of a necklace. It is easy and simple to wear during the spring and summer time. Also, bandanas come in a variety of colors and are very inexpensive. They can be bought at your local thrift store or dollar store (that’s where I bought mine). It can be worn so many way and it allows you to spice up your wardrobe. You don’t have to do too much to make a statement. Sometimes the little things can have the greatest impact.

Different ways to rock a bandana: 




Ivy Coco

Photographer : Rikki Wright ( Instagram: @foreverrikk )

Rikki is an amazing photographer than knows how to capture emotion. I love her way of direction and styling. She has such a blithe spirit and she made me feel very comfortable when shooting.



Top: Michael Maven Michael Maven Online Store

Jeans: Levi’s (Thrifted)

Boots: Zara High Heel Sock Style Ankle Boots

Oh how I love a good pair of mom jeans! I love mom jeans so much I feel that every young woman should own a pair that fits her shape, body, and style. The first person I saw wear a pair of mom jeans, was actually my mother. Being a child of the 90’s, I am very familiar with high waisted denim. As a kid, I used to sneak into my mom’s closet, to try on her wardrobe and see if I would look as cool as her in her clothes.

My mom had the sickest body and coolest style in the 90’s, which is a great combo to fit a pair of mom jeans. Her small figure fit perfectly in the waist, her beautiful hips filled out the denim, and with her 5’6″ stature, length was never a problem. For me on the other hand, I didn’t get the hips or height from my mama. I stand tall at 5’9″, a slender figure with very little hips, and very long limbs. I have to admit, I was on the hunt for  a year to find the perfecting fitting mom jean. Since I’m not a curvy fit, I felt it was a bit hard. I tried on at least over 50 pairs of jeans that were too big, too baggy, and too short. Luckily, on my latest trip to Atlanta with my mom, we went thrifting (by the way, thrifting in South is amazing!), and I found my perfect match.

I’m so glad that I was able to find my perfect pair of mom jeans with my perfect mother. It is amazing how trends resurface in a different decade. As a kid, my mother was feelin’ herself in her high waisted mom jeans, and now in 2015, I’m rocking the same type of pants that she used to wear. I’m blessed to have a mother that allows me to learn her style, while she learns mine.

The relationship between a mother and daughter is very special, especially with mine. It’s full of emotion, smiles, and craziness, but it’s all worth it because when I look at my mother, it’s as if I’m looking at my inspiration and mirror at the same time. As I get older, I begin to see our similarities, which has a positive affect on our relationship. I am able to examine where we overlap and where we differ. Whether I’m talking to her about her evolving style, or about about my future career goals, words cannot express the unconditional love that exists between my mother and I.


Ivy Coco

All pictures were taken by Marcus Derricotte Instagram  Website

MUA: Shanah Instagram Website

DSC_0558.JPGDSC_0499.JPGScreen Shot 2015-11-22 at 12.49.44 AM.pngivy3.jpg    Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 2.10.24 AM.png my mom in her mom jeans