One thing that I truly love about myself is my hair. I feel like the hair that I have is like having a super power. Since it is so versatile, I can literally transform who I am. One minute I can have bone straight hair like Cher in her prime or I can become Diana Ross with my wild curly afro. As a young women, I believe that women and girls have the ability to change their look as much as possible. I remember seeing a meme on Instagram of a guy telling his girlfriend “we need to see other people” and she changes into multiple wigs (see meme below, IT HAD ME HOLLERING!).



I genuinely love being able to switch my hair but wearing it curly and big is definitely my favorite style. When I was in Morocco, I didn’t see a lot of women with curly hair, especially hair like mine. Since my hair made such a statement, vendors at the market would yell out “Shakira!, Shakira!” since my hair is curly and I guess that’s the only celebrity reference they associate curly hair with. Obviously, the Latina pop sensation and I look nothing a like, so I know it had to be the hair. Growing up, my mom always recited two really cool quotes  about having big hair, “the bigger the hair, the closer to God” and “the bigger the hair, the more they stare”. My mom was absolutely right, I sure did get a lot of stares. Being a woman of color with a lot of hair, many individuals ask to touch it and the answer will always be NO! My hair is not a creature and neither am I. There are so many dynamics in regards to hair and what it means to a woman, but for me it means a lot. I make sure that I treat, clean, and nourish my hair using Form Beauty because it’s important that anyone with hair knows how to take care of it.

My favorite product that I have been using recently is the Multitask 3-in-1 Leave-In Lotion. I use it on my hair almost everyday because it’s great for layering, moisturizing, and styling. Whether I want to wear my hair slicked back in a puffy bun or out in a fro, this leave-in-lotion keeps my hair hydrated. I truly detest when I put leave-in products in my hair and they are too heavy or too creamy. This product is also great for braids as well. If you wear box braids, cornrows, or any other protective style, it’s important that you give your scalp and hair moisture. Why I love this product is because it’s easy and simple. All I really have to do is spray, style and go. It cuts down the time when doing my hair and it keep my hair smelling fresh. I couldn’t ask for a more fun and easy hair care product.    



FORM Beauty


3-in-1 leave-in lotion

12 fl oz. – $32.00



Photographed by Thaïs Martin



Romper: ASOS

Gladiator Sandals: Sole Wish

Amber, cheese, daffodils, and the sun all have something in common, they share the color yellow. I love the color yellow and I think it’s because some of my favorite foods are yellow, like omelettes, mac and cheese, and squash. I love colorful foods and yellow is a such fun and vibrant color that attracts people but also evokes the emotions of happiness and friendliness.

I feel like summer is all about color, everyone wants brighter hair and darker skin, plus darker skin tones look great paired with colors such as orange, green, and yellow. During fall and winter I tend to stay neutral, but summer only comes around once (especially on the east coast), so being able to express my admiration for color is an exciting feeling. Wearing a colorful bathing suit while taking a selfie in front of the beach or on vacation can really brighten up your social media pages and attract followers. Everyone enjoys a splash of color because different colors evoke different emotions. You never know what color looks best on you unless you try something new. When you have the ability to attract someone simply by the color you are wearing, take advantage of that. You never know who you might meet or who is watching. You might come in contact with your future husband or wife,  future boss, business investor, or a fun shopping partner . When you attract positivity, you keep positivity.


Ivy Coco

All Photo Taken by Ryan Powell