Cartagena isn’t just a city full of color, it’s full of great food and inexpensive cocktails. The interior decor of the restaurants are to die for. Many of the dishes are colorful and flavorful but sometimes a tad bit salty. If you’re not a heavy salt eater, I suggest you tell your waiter or waitress to go light on the salt, it makes a huge difference.

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A classic authentic Colombian restaurant with a 1960’s ambiance. You are greeted with the sounds and beats of old-school Colombian live music. Your food is served by an all female waitress staff whom are dressed in crisp double breasted chef whites. Make sure to walk around the restaurant on your way to restroom or after your meal, the colors are magnificent along with the historical photos of legendary Colombians on the wall.


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In Spanish speaking countries, the word  “la mulata” means mixed girl and is a term used to refer to persons born of one white parent and one black parent or to persons born of a mulatto parent or parents.  The vibe of restaurant is very Afro-Colombian, including the art decor on the wall. Try the avocado and the fried platanos, they have some the best in Cartagena.


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This restaurant is a “must see” landmark in old city Cartagena. It’s interior architectural structure is full of arches, high ceilings, and spiral staircases. You can tell this is a place where old money chooses to stay. The restaurant is also apart of a hotel that gives you a fabulous view of the city and the ocean. The lighting is always perfect and the food is always fresh, so make sure you’re camera ready.


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Maria and Don Juan are are two restaurants that are located right next each other. Maria is the wife restaurant to Don Juan and Don Juan is the husband restaurant to Maria. This dynamic duo gives a flavorful fusion twist to Colombian food. They might be right next two each other but they have completely different menus. Try one place for lunch and the other for dinner.


This vibrant 3 story tapas bar and restaurant is full of great music, games, and creative culinary. It’s right next to Maria and Don Juan, so maybe you can pop in here for a small bite or a drink before your dinner reservation. The first floor is laid back with a full bar and a cool playlist of R&B remixes. As you walk up the steps to the second level, you’re surrounded by gorgeous white columns that lead you to a fun game of pool or foosball. As you make your way up to the last and final level, it turns into a full roof top bar, just like NYC or DTLA. The music get funkier on the rooftop as it hops from 90’s to R&B, and Colombian champeta music.


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This gorgeous restaurant and hotel is one Cartagena’s most famous establishments. It’s decor is filled with some of the finest woods and a breathtaking waterfall. Your food might take a little longer than usual but every bite is worth the wait. While you wait, try their famous Moscow Mule, you won’t regret it.


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T-shirt: Gee C Vibez

Pants: Zara (on sale)

Purse: Chanel (vintage) Reinvintage carries great vintage Chanel

This past weekend, I visited our United States capital, Washington D.C., along with one of my college best friend’s, roommate, and business partner, Regina. Together, we took a nice girls trip from New York City to D.C. for a pop up shop for our vintage clothing line, Gee C Vibez. We drove on Saturday morning, even though we were recovering from our best friend’s turnt birthday celebration on Friday night. En route to D.C., the sky opened up and we realized we were driving through Maryland’s thunderstorm/flood watch. Instead of getting caught in the rain, we decided to stop at Mo’s Seafood in Baltimore. We sat at the bar and quickly ordered some waters, since we were still recovering from Friday’s festivities. The restaurant is known for their famous crab cakes, but since I am allergic to seafood, I ordered a great Cajun Chicken sandwich that was perfectly seasoned and served with steamed mixed vegetables that were superb. We exchanged stories, shared laughter, and got hit on by a pair of old conservative car sales men trying to get their groove on.

After a filling meal, our Thelma and Louise road trip continued. After a 5 hour ride, we finally arrived at my great Aunt Carolyn’s home in D.C. In her northeastern/southern accent, she greeted us at the door yelling “Are the flies out there eatin’ yall yet ?”, we honestly couldn’t help but to share some laughs with her, then jump right into the bed. Sunday morning, I roamed the streets of the colorful Georgetown with creator and photographer, Anne Kim. It was my first time in Georgetown and I enjoyed and embraced the multicolored walls. Anne and I were able to snag some quick pix in a cute and quaint peach colored alley. The weather might have been scorchingly hot, but the lighting was perfect.

I took a nice Sunday stroll along the water next to the Washington Memorial, which is a 10-12 minute car ride from Georgetown. It was a quite and soothing walk, which is what I needed. Taking a blissful walk is needed in my life, especially when things are getting crazy, busy, and hectic. No matter if your “WOO- SAH” moment only lasts for 20 minutes, at least you took some time out of your day to dedicate to yourself. Sunday afternoon, Regina and I set up our pop up shop at Sugar hosted by JC The Stylist. Every last Sunday at Sugar, JC The Stylist, hosts an event called Style Mixer Sundays that allows young fashion designers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and creatives in the D.C. area to network and showcase their products. Our pop up shop was a success, but once again the sky opened up and we got caught in a mini storm on our way home. We waited for the rain to subside, so we stopped at another Aunt’s house (AGAIN) located in the cow country suburbs of Maryland (it was beautiful, but it was a little bit far from civilization for me, lol). My Aunt Sandra served us homemade eggplant parmesan with angel hair pasta that was so DAMN GOOD! For us young ladies that are living the post graduate life, that free meal was completely worth it. I thank God for family and good friends because as we departed for our road trip back home, I realized during my quick stay I was able to receive the best thing life can offer, LOVE.

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Ivy Coco

All pictures were taken by Anne Kim





Dress: Missguided

Shoes: Forever 21 ( similar Faux Suede Braided Sandals)

 One thing I love about being a fashionista is that I love that have choices laid out in my closet. One day I can choose to dress like a 60’s queen, I can choose to color block my wardrobe, and I can choose to create any look that makes me feel fabulous. Heading into spring, I adore colors such as green, pink, yellow, and tangerine/orange. They are all colors that are vibrant and make you stand out. Different colors have the ability to make people feel. For example, green is related to nature and it evokes stability and balance. Blue is often related to skies and water, which makes us feel calm, safe and secure. Purple is associated with royalty and spring and gives off feelings of luxury and romance. Colors makes us feel without us even knowing. When we choose our outfits, sometimes it is a reflection of how we feel that day. Our clothing choices are more powerful thank we think.

Choices throughout our daily life are powerful. My mother always told me growing up “Baby! Life is all about choices”. I listened to her say it so much, I live by it and have it tattooed on my back, she also told me to never get a tattoo, but that was my choice, lol. Every single day we make choices, when we wake up we choose to be happy or cranky, we choose if we are going to eat some that is healthy or unhealthy for our diet. These are simple things that we think might not affects us, but they do. The other day my best friend and fellow blogger, Sarahn, told me that THE MINUTE YOU CHOOSE TO DO WHAT YOU REALLY WANT TO DO, IT’S A DIFFERENT KIND OF LIFE. She is absolutely right and that statement created a fire within me that made me feel excited. Between my mother and best friend, choosing to make choices that benefit me and my happiness are the most important. We can’t always be “Captain Save Everyone”. We must choose to make choices that have a positive impact on our long term future. Sometimes we make choices for a short term happiness, and sometimes it doesn’t turn out well, which can lead to regret or a deep learning lesson. No matter the circumstances, make sure you are pleased with your choices. Making a positive choice evokes power, prosperity, and peace and that is how I choose to live my life.

Peace & Love,

Ivy Coco

For more information about colors and what feeling they evoke, head to Creative Bloq

Pictures taken by: Gabriel Sanchez ( Instagram: @gabe_media)