There is nothing like opening a new pair of classic Chuck Taylors. It’s like seeing a new born baby for the first time; fresh scent, smooth texture and unharmed. When you slide in them for the first time, it instantly boosts your confidence. Chuck Taylors and I go way back, since the first day of Kindergarden. My mom always made it a tradition for my brother and I to have the crispest pair of Chucks on the first day of school. My brother always chose black and I always chose white. I truly believe they are the most fearless pair of sneakers I own. No matter if Chucks are dirty or clorox beach white, they always go with every outfit. They are a timeless shoe that will never go out of style.

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To me, the coolest thing about Chucks are their sizing. I am someone who has a very long and narrow foot, thankfully Chucks have the tendency to always run a half size larger. This allows me to have more wiggle room and air for my feet to breathe. Since Chucks are ageless, I paired them with other ageless pieces like a classic pinstripe blazer and a pair of fitted mom jeans. I wanted to keep my outfit monochromatic so the Chucks would stand out. No matter where I am in the world, I always cary my Chucks with me. You can dress they up and down, plus they match with almost all my outfits. If you aren’t a part of the #Taylorgang yet, make sure to shop or .



Photographed by Kasey Stokley




I love discovering new things, whether it’s food, thrifting for a vinatge gem, or learning how to wear a garment a different way. I know I’m not the only one that gets goosebumps when I see a clean, crisp, and fresh, collared shirt. I love the way it hangs on the hanger straight out the dry cleaners. I love it when a man leaves a few of his top collared shirt buttons open, so you can see his chest hairs. Oh! and lastly, I love it when I wear a classic black pant suit with a bright white collared shirt, the outfit instantly spells out BOSS! Since a collared white shirt is a classic, it can never go out of style, but it has the power to create a new style.

Many fashion trends stem from classic looks and one trend that I have been seeing lately are the multiple ways to wear a collard shirt. Some trendsetters are starting to wear collard shirts backwards, off the shoulders, one sided, or tied in the front. Recently, I have found myself following this trend and I have found two cool ways to wear them.


All you have to do is figure out how many buttons are on your shirt and then button the bottom buttons and leave the top buttons undone. Pull your shirt off your shoulders and wear it to your liking. Lastly, tuck the collar inside the shirt so it’s not hanging out, but if you like it, wear it as you please.

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Photos taken by Sydney 


For this look, I leave the top buttons undone as well and pull the shirt over to a side that is most comfortable. Only the middle buttons of the shirt are buttoned. The bottom buttons are also undone because I tied the the ends of the shirts together.


Photo taken by Kadeem Riley