There is nothing like opening a new pair of classic Chuck Taylors. It’s like seeing a new born baby for the first time; fresh scent, smooth texture and unharmed. When you slide in them for the first time, it instantly boosts your confidence. Chuck Taylors and I go way back, since the first day of Kindergarden. My mom always made it a tradition for my brother and I to have the crispest pair of Chucks on the first day of school. My brother always chose black and I always chose white. I truly believe they are the most fearless pair of sneakers I own. No matter if Chucks are dirty or clorox beach white, they always go with every outfit. They are a timeless shoe that will never go out of style.

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To me, the coolest thing about Chucks are their sizing. I am someone who has a very long and narrow foot, thankfully Chucks have the tendency to always run a half size larger. This allows me to have more wiggle room and air for my feet to breathe. Since Chucks are ageless, I paired them with other ageless pieces likeĀ a classic pinstripe blazer and a pair of fitted mom jeans. I wanted to keep my outfit monochromatic so the Chucks would stand out. No matter where I am in the world, I always cary my Chucks with me. You can dress they up and down, plus they match with almost all my outfits. If you aren’t a part of the #Taylorgang yet, make sure to shop or .



Photographed by Kasey Stokley