I am so happy that more and more makeup companies are creating a copious amount of makeup shades for women of color. For a very long time women of color, especially BLACK women have suffered when it comes to finding the right shade of makeup. Obviously beauty comes in all shades and tones, but it’s hard to say that when makeup brands don’t shed light on darker skin tones. Women of color who are models, celebrities, or entertainers are always asked to bring their own foundation to set because some makeup artist and makeup brands don’t carry their shade.

Let me tell y’all a little story! So one day, I got booked to walk in New York Bridal Week. I was so excited and thrilled because it was my first runway show. On the day of the show, I had a 7 A.M. call time and I was running late. I usually like to put a little foundation on when I leave the house but on this day, I did not have time. I decided to drop my foundation in my bag and put a little pep in my step to catch the subway. I arrived at 7:03 A.M. and I was the last one to arrive, so that kind of made me a little upset (I hate being late!). As I waited for my time in the makeup chair, I began looking at all the other models and I only saw two other blacks girls and they were darker than me. I sat in the makeup chair and I closed my eyes for about 10 minutes and once I opened my eyes, I looked like a pale geisha. I mean I really looked PALE AF! My make up was awful. I scrambled backstage to find the other black girls and they did their own makeup. That experience definitely taught me to ALWAYS be prepared.

It’s so annoying that mainstream makeup isn’t always looking out for the black girls and the women of color. Thanks to CoverFX, they have a range of foundations and powders dedicated to darker women. When it comes to setting powders, I don’t always like wearing banana powder because sometimes I feel I look a little yellow. I recently tried the Cover FX Perfect Setting Powder which gives my makeup a flawless finish. The powder ranges from fair to deep and when I mean deep, I mean DEEP! I highly suggest going to your nearest Sephora to test out which powder sets best on your skin tone.


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I’ll never forget  February 2008, at my all girls catholic school in Los Angeles, CA. My middle school wanted to be “inclusive” so they renamed black history month to “multicultural month”. As a 13 year old black girl who went to a predominately white school, I felt like I was the only one yelling “Black Lives Matter!” while my ruler whipping nun of a principle was yelling ” Well, all lives matter!”. Back then, I felt I couldn’t change the 15 year old tradition of my schools “multicultural month”, but I knew I could change perspective with words. I rushed home after basketball practice on February 1 and bolted into my mothers bathroom. She was ecstatic to hear about my day but I was just ready to tell her about how my crazy catholic school really renamed black history month. I thought she would be ready to be my accomplice and march up to my school the next day to speak to the principal about this preposterous notion, but all she said was “look up Sojourner Truth”.

Sojourner Truth was a black female abolitionist, civil rights leader, and women’s rights advocate, who is best known for her speech “Ain’t I a Woman?”. After my mother said her name, I did tons of research on her. I read her memoir, books, and multiple sources. She was so cool to me because she spoke dutch, made her way out slavery, and led her people to freedom. My 13 year old self became so obsessed that I started dreaming of conversations between the two of us. At the end of February, my school held a multicultural potluck for the students and their families. The students were allowed to bring in foods from their culture and make speeches. Only 5 girls in the entire middle school signed up to make a speech and I made sure I was one of them.

The day of the potluck my mom had to catch a flight for a speaking engagement, but she made sure I looked good and went to school with the best Jamaican fried plantains. My mom is talented when it comes down to motherly costume design. Between 6:45 AM to 7:30 AM my mom took the time to transform me into looking like Sojourner Truth. She slobbered a big ole kiss on my face and said “Baby, today is the day you speak your truth!”.  At 10AM, I walked into my school gymnasium with 200 of my school mates and their family members. I waited for my care taker Ms. Mae, who is like my second mother, to bring my fresh plantains to school and tell me that I could do this speech. At noon, I began making my way to the stage podium. My heart began to race and my hands started to shake, but as I looked in the audience, Ms. Mae was entering the gym with the plantains and she had the biggest smile on her face. I left the podium, took center stage and began reciting Sojourner Truth’s speech, “Ain’t I a Woman?”. I felt like I was Sojourner leading men, women, and children to freedom, declaring my rights, and speaking my absolute truth. After my speech the entire gymnasium was on their feet roaring, clapping, and whistling at me. I walked down to the floor level with a huge smile on my face, knowing that I killed my speech and ready to eat Ms. Mae’s plantains.  An older white gentleman, that was freakishly tall, tapped me on my shoulder, shook my hand, looked me in my eyes and said ” you are powerful, that was powerful, and thank you for teaching me”. I looked him in his eyes and said ” thank you”, knowing that my BLACK HISTORY MATTERS!


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Black Girl Magic doesn’t stop and it definitely continued on the red carpet of the 2016 Met Gala.

1. Lupita Nyong’o in Calvin Klein

The Oscar winner and current Broadway star, took advantage of her night off to slay the red carpet. She glowed in green and broke necks with her natural up do hairstyle (total Coming to America vibes). But literally, do you see Nate Parker in the back, breaking his neck just to get a glimpse? I don’t blame you Mr. Parker.  lupita-nyongo.jpg

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2. Zendaya Coleman in Michael Kors

This stunning fashion forward 19 year old, makes me so excited about her high fashion future. She and her stylist, Law Roach, always put the pedal to the metal and Z is killin’ in Kors.  zendaya-gettyimages-527359892.jpg

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3. Zoe Saldana in Dolce & Gabana

Even with minimal makeup, Mama Saldana was giving absolute spicy Latina vibes with fit, flare, and feathers. zoe-saldana_gettyimages-527344436.jpg

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4. Solange Knowles in David LaPort

This naturalista always knows how to make a statement and she does it beautifully in color. From the hair to leather thigh high socks to the clear heel, this look is EVERYTHING!solange_gettyimages-527368048.jpg

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Click Here to see Solange jammin’ with Willow Smith and Amandla Stenberg

5. Aja Naomi 

This How To Get Away With Murder star and chocolate hottie looks perfect in her tangerine color dress. She murdered the red carpet with her melanin, perfectly teezed hair, and gorgeous lip color. aja-naomi-king-_gettyimages-527344124.jpg

6. Beyoncé Knowles in Givenchy

Like Queen Bey says ” I’m so reckless when I rock my Givenchy dress .” This jaw dropping silhouette has been rushing to the kitchen for a glass of lemonade. bey_gettyimages-527368170.jpg

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7. FKA Twigs 

Ms. Twigs knows how to accessorize an outfit to a T. Looking like a Queen with her head piece, body belt, and arm candy, she makes me want to dive into my mothers jewels.fka-twigs.jpg

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8. Zoe Kravitz

Even though this look might have a lot going on, Kravitz knows how to keep it cute. I must say, the lace mask gives her a mysterious look with a magical twist, which I love!zoe-kravitz.jpg

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9. Willow Smith

I love that Willow and her brother, Jaden, are holding hands #siblinglove. The dread heads make a dynamic duo with their dope hair styles while looking classic in black. willow-jaden-1.jpg

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10. Misty Copeland 

Misty missed me with this outfit. I wanted her to give me some pizazz, like she gives the audience while performing as Principal at the American Ballet Theatre. No matter what, she is still effortlessly beautiful. misty-copeland-_gettyimages-527344062.jpg

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11. Naomi Campbell

Muva Naomi can slay anything! She has been in this game for over 20 years and her black, still doesn’t crack! naomi-campbell.jpg

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12. Nikki Minaj

Being one of TIME Magazine’s Top 100 Influential People, this dress didn’t influence me too much. No matter what, Ms. Nikki is all about having control over her career and collecting her checks, all while having her eyeliner on FLEEK!nikki-minajgettyimages-527359534-1.jpg

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13. Ciara in H&M

This bride-to-be makes me smile with her cool dance videos and bubbly personality, but this hair color… not so much. Looking daring and sophisticated in H&M, she makes me feel that if she can rock this silver caged dress, so can I. ciara.jpg

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14. Kerry Washington 

I love me some Kerry Washington, even when she is having an off hair day. The high slit dress paired with elbow length gloves is a gorgeous look, plus you can never go wrong in black. kerry-washington.jpg

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15. Jourdan Dunn in Balmain

Ms. Dunn had me stunned. Styled in silver from head to toe, she had me feeling very futuristic. Lastly, that waist was SNATCHED!damon-met-gala-141-jourdan-dunn-superJumbo-1.jpg

Damon Winter/ The New York Times

16. LaLa Anthony

A sleek ponytail, grungy eye makeup, and the color red sounds like a killer combo. Lala was giving me fever, looking like one hot tamale! lala-anthony-600x800.jpg

Kevin Mazur/WireImage

17. Amandla Stenberg in Calvin Klein

This afrolicious superstar had me loving her wine red, wide leg pant suit. Her cute choker and detailed headband added such cool vibes to her classic look. rs_634x1024-160502183004-634-MET-GALA-Arrivals-Amandla-Stenberg.jpg

Larry Busacca/ Getty Images

18. Joan Smalls in Balmain

Joan Smalls was doing big things while she walked the red carpet in her crystalized Balmain gown. Those long legs looked gorgeous with that thigh high slit. Joan-Smalls-Balmain-Dress-Met-Gala-2016.jpg

Jamie McCarthy/ Getty Images

19. Jennifer Hudson in H&M

Hudson looked very angelic in her white H&M gown. Her train was so gorgeous, she too had to look back at it a few times. jennifer-hudson-a-600x800.jpg

Jamie McCarthy/ Film Magic

20. Herizen F. Guardiola

The star of the new Netflix series The Get Down, stepped out in a green fitted dress that complemented her beautiful skin. She showed off her natural beauty with a high bun, minimal makeup, and bare lip.


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