One thing that I truly love about myself is my hair. I feel like the hair that I have is like having a super power. Since it is so versatile, I can literally transform who I am. One minute I can have bone straight hair like Cher in her prime or I can become Diana Ross with my wild curly afro. As a young women, I believe that women and girls have the ability to change their look as much as possible. I remember seeing a meme on Instagram of a guy telling his girlfriend “we need to see other people” and she changes into multiple wigs (see meme below, IT HAD ME HOLLERING!).



I genuinely love being able to switch my hair but wearing it curly and big is definitely my favorite style. When I was in Morocco, I didn’t see a lot of women with curly hair, especially hair like mine. Since my hair made such a statement, vendors at the market would yell out “Shakira!, Shakira!” since my hair is curly and I guess that’s the only celebrity reference they associate curly hair with. Obviously, the Latina pop sensation and I look nothing a like, so I know it had to be the hair. Growing up, my mom always recited two really cool quotes  about having big hair, “the bigger the hair, the closer to God” and “the bigger the hair, the more they stare”. My mom was absolutely right, I sure did get a lot of stares. Being a woman of color with a lot of hair, many individuals ask to touch it and the answer will always be NO! My hair is not a creature and neither am I. There are so many dynamics in regards to hair and what it means to a woman, but for me it means a lot. I make sure that I treat, clean, and nourish my hair using Form Beauty because it’s important that anyone with hair knows how to take care of it.

My favorite product that I have been using recently is the Multitask 3-in-1 Leave-In Lotion. I use it on my hair almost everyday because it’s great for layering, moisturizing, and styling. Whether I want to wear my hair slicked back in a puffy bun or out in a fro, this leave-in-lotion keeps my hair hydrated. I truly detest when I put leave-in products in my hair and they are too heavy or too creamy. This product is also great for braids as well. If you wear box braids, cornrows, or any other protective style, it’s important that you give your scalp and hair moisture. Why I love this product is because it’s easy and simple. All I really have to do is spray, style and go. It cuts down the time when doing my hair and it keep my hair smelling fresh. I couldn’t ask for a more fun and easy hair care product.    



FORM Beauty


3-in-1 leave-in lotion

12 fl oz. – $32.00



Photographed by Thaïs Martin


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Being in Marrakesh, Morocco, at the amazing boutique hotel, Jnane Tamsna, was an incredible experience. It was full of great food, great people, great culture and a whole lot of dry heat. It was so hot, that 110 degrees was normal. Don’t get me wrong, I loveeee the heat, but that was heat that could fry some bacon. That being said, when it’s too hot outside, I tend to wear my hair in a style that is pushed away from my face. In high heat, gel tends to feel like it is melting on my scalp. Pomade gives my hair a good hold that feels light and I always want my edges to be laidddddd, so I started to use the Form Beauty, Polish Pomade.



The polish pomade is lightweight and  “uses a blend of oils to lock in moisture, fight frizz and provide a smooth look and soft feel” ( I was able to create the hairstyle, in the pictures above, in four simple steps.

  1. Since I was going for a sleek but bushy look. I first brushed out all of my curls.
  2.  I made a part in the center of my head but I only parted it half way.
  3.  I then damped the front part of my hair so my edges and the front could be slicked down and the back could big and bushy.
  4. Lastly, I brushed down the front area down and pinned it tight. I made the back part of my hair bigger and bushier for as 70’s style inspired look.








M.U.A. : Arnell Armon

Hair Stylist: Julius Nash

Photographer: Photos by Darrin

We all have different types of facial expressions that express a sense of emotion. I remember going through my teenage years and my mother told me that I had a “stank face”. I really didn’t understand what she meant, until she said my facial expression looks like I just smelled poop. I ignored her every time she reminded me I had this “stank face” on, but then I was talking to this cute guy and he said “don’t make that face, it looks like you just smelled $h*t.” In that moment, I was so mad because I couldn’t believe my mother was right and I was mad at myself for not listening to her. Like mothers always say ” you just had to learn the hard way.”

I know that I am the type of individual that wears my heart on my sleeve. Sometimes it’s so hard for me to not show my emotions, but after a few life lessons, I’v learned that I have control over my emotions. We don’t have control over how others feel, but we definitely have control over ourselves. We as individuals have the power to control how we feel. I remind myself everyday that happiness is a way of life and not a destination. I choose not to surround myself with negative energy because the best thing unhappy people are good at is making other people unhappy. It takes so much energy to be upset over something you have no control over. In situations when we are mad, we are so quick to REACT instead of RESPOND. When we are upset or when someone throws us a low blow, we can’t just react with more negativity, because it won’t solve anything. Sometimes we have to kill them with kindness. I know if someone chooses to have a negative attitude towards me or around me, I have the power to use my positivity to throw them off. If you know you can’t use your positive force, just walk away from it all. Nothing is worth making you come out of your character, because that one moment where you do choose to get out of character, can have a long term affect on how people view you and most importantly how you view yourself.

At the end of the day, we are all humans. We get sad, annoyed, angry, vexed, worried but those shouldn’t be emotions that you feel often. We should express and feel emotions of excitement, laughter, joy, happiness, and bliss throughout our daily life. We aren’t always jolly 24/7, but the most important thing is to have happiness as our core. I try to smile as much as possible because it makes me feel good about myself and smiling contagious. In the words of the late and great Bob Marley, ” Love the life you live and live the life you love.”

Peace and Love,

Ivy Coco