There is nothing like opening a new pair of classic Chuck Taylors. It’s like seeing a new born baby for the first time; fresh scent, smooth texture and unharmed. When you slide in them for the first time, it instantly boosts your confidence. Chuck Taylors and I go way back, since the first day of Kindergarden. My mom always made it a tradition for my brother and I to have the crispest pair of Chucks on the first day of school. My brother always chose black and I always chose white. I truly believe they are the most fearless pair of sneakers I own. No matter if Chucks are dirty or clorox beach white, they always go with every outfit. They are a timeless shoe that will never go out of style.

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To me, the coolest thing about Chucks are their sizing. I am someone who has a very long and narrow foot, thankfully Chucks have the tendency to always run a half size larger. This allows me to have more wiggle room and air for my feet to breathe. Since Chucks are ageless, I paired them with other ageless pieces like a classic pinstripe blazer and a pair of fitted mom jeans. I wanted to keep my outfit monochromatic so the Chucks would stand out. No matter where I am in the world, I always cary my Chucks with me. You can dress they up and down, plus they match with almost all my outfits. If you aren’t a part of the #Taylorgang yet, make sure to shop or .



Photographed by Kasey Stokley



Fall is my one of my favorite seasons because I can start drinking hot cocoa and I can bring out those fabulous coats that I’ve have been hiding in the back of my closet. I love a stylish coat that can keep me warm. Living in New York, it’s so imperative to have a coat that can do both: break necks and keep your body from freezing. The three main pieces of clothing that are important to me during the fall and winter are cashmere sweaters, black boots and once again, a durable coat.

Sorry to say this, but during the cold seasons people are looking at the outside instead of the inside. What I mean by that is, since everyone is usually bundled up, they probably won’t be looking at your complete outfit, they’ll be looking at solely your coat. I believe that your coat(s) should make a statement and represent your style. If you’re someone like me whose style is changing everyday, that means you have a lot of coats. If you’ve been wearing the same black or brown coat for the past decade, I suggest you donate it to your local coat drive and upgrade. Coats, jackets, and parkas can be expensive, so if you’re not ready to invest in a new coat, try going to your local thrift or consignment shop. During the winter, thrifts store are the best for stocking up on grandpa sweaters and jackets. If you’re completely lost, you can shop my favorite jackets up above.

Peace & Love,

Ivy Coco


Photographed by: Laura Craffey 

Hair braided by: Jeri Jennell 

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 For me, autumn is all about flannels, leggings, sweaters, and leathers. Feeling comfortable in my clothing is a must, especially when temperatures begin to drop. I REALLY love fall because sometimes you get sunny days with the perfect amount of breeze or a day that is overcast and at the peak of the day, the sun comes out. COMFORT is KEY and what is more comfortable than a chunky sweater? I’ll wait…. Haha, I’m just  pulling your leg. The best part about chunky sweaters are that they are very inexpensive. If you’re not try to spend cash, go look in your Mom’s closet or your Grandparents (you might find some vintage goodies). Also, you could go to your local thrift store or Goodwill and find one between $5- $10.
  I remember back in high school, every girl used to wear chunky sweaters  with black leggings. Why? you might ask, because they were comfortable AF and they still are. Now that my style has evolved, I’m still wearing black leggings (LOL), but they have a twist to them. I recently got these really cool tie up leggings from Windsor Store with eyelet Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 6.00.54 PMdecor. They are very comfortable and cute, but I don’t suggest wearing them when traveling. The last time I wore those bad boys, they let off the metal detector at TSA which was very annoying. They are perfect for a fro-yo run, going out, or lounging around the house. They can be paired with a chunky sweater or a flannel, like how I paired them in the photos below.
Ivy Coco
P.S. Don’t get comfortable in life, but when it comes to style comfortable is cute AF!

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Photos by Missaei
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Growing up with a Mom who is a total diva, taught me the most important lesson about style, ” It’s not about how others feel about your style, it’s about how you feel about your style”. It was so cool seeing her in outrageous, fun, and daring outfit on and off the red carpet. One trait that I truly admire about my mother is her ability to make a statement. Yes, she always makes a statement in whatever she wears but she also makes a statement in the way she carries herself. Style is not just about the clothes we wear over our backs, it’s about how we choose to carry ourselves in those clothes. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I am talking about SWAG my friends! My Mom has a whole lot of swag and it’s because of the way she carries herself. She could enter a room wearing a trash bag and at least ten people would ask her “who is the designer?”. The first rule of style is believing in yourself. If you feel fabulous, you look fabulous.

Since my Mom is one of my favorite style icons, I find it imperative to raid her vintage closet every week. It’s so cool to find old pictures of her in the 80’s and then find the exact outfits she wore in those photos. I think she is a complete genius for saving all her outfits because just like history, fashion repeats itself. Most importantly, I’m just glad that I am able to wear them and they are in tip top condition. If you have a Mom that you know was slayinggggggg back in the day, I suggest you dive into the back of her closet and search for these 3 must have items…




Photographed by Paige Wilson  @paigeswilson 

Hair by Julius Nash



Ever since I could remember, my Papa, Eric Maurice, has always been the beau of the ball. His dapper demeanor never goes unnoticed when he enters a room. He is in a class of his own with his salt and pepper hair, fierce walk, impeccable style, and that sexy french accent to top it off. Papa is definitely not your average 56 year old man. He manages to live a 007 lifestyle between Los Angeles and Paris while staying fit, fashionable, and fearless.

Over the years, he always made it imperative that he dressed for success. Growing up with a European father with exquisite taste made shopping 10x more fun. Papa never believed in leaving the house in pajamas or sweats, he believed in dressing how you wanted to be addressed. Every season, he would take my brother and I to the big outdoor outlets in Camarillo or Pam Springs, located in California. Together, we would shop all day, maybe get a Auntie Anne’s pretzel in between stores, then continue shopping until we heard  “Attention! the shops will be closing in 15 minutes”. During those long days of shopping, my father taught me color swatches, fabrics, quality versus quantity, and the essentials I needed to have. If Eric Maurice was going to look his best at all times, his kids were going to as well.

Since my father blessed me with dual citizenship between France and The United States, we’ve had many shopping dates that have occurred in Spain, Paris, and London. I’ve been so fortunate to see different cultures and fashions around the world because of my father. He has opened my eyes up to see that fashion everywhere, it is inspired by architecture, food, and people. Still to this day, Papa reminds that having one style or being good at one thing isn’t good enough. Yes, you should have a signature look that represents your style, but also be able to diversify your style. Being able to show people that you can tap into different genres of fashion and life, expands how people view you as a person.

The best lesson that Papa has taught me about style is that there is power when entering a room well dressed. No matter how many designer brands you buy, it will never equate to confidence. Along with Papa’s Sean Connery looks, his confidence is what makes every outfit perfect. To me, Papa is Mr.007 because he isn’t an ordinary man who allows the suit to wear him, he wears the suit. He knows that he can accomplish anything when he looks good and that fuels him to make every mission possible.



Photographed by @Mamadivisuals