If you ever go to Morocco, YOU MUST DEDICATE TIME TOWARDS BUYING A CARPET! It is nothing like purchasing interior decor in the states, it is a journey. Literally, it’s a journey getting lost in a Moroccan souk. A “souk” is a market in Arabic/North African countries. You can buy almost anything in a souk: doors, lights, furniture, jewelry, clothes, spices, and more. On my 3rd and most recent trip to Morocco, I made sure I took my friend Tori, co-founder of The Colored Girl, to experience what it’s like to search for a Moroccan carpet (scroll to the bottom to watch video).

When we entered the souk, we walked into the space where a majority of the carpets were sold and I felt like I was in heaven. We asked a vendor where the best carpets were and he took us on a long stroll through the souk. We made so many left and right turns, my head was starting to hurt, but on our last turn we made a sharp right into one of the greatest carpet warehouses. The warehouse manger and his workers were so kind, they were eager to pull out multiple carpets so we could figure out which one we loved the most. They explained how the carpets were made and what tribe they came from. They became even cooler when they offered us lunch and if you know me, food is the way to my heart. I don’t know what I was more shocked by, how kind the owner was or the variety of carpets there were. There were so many colors, textures, and designs. Here’s a fun fact, some rugs are made for winter and some rugs are made for summer, but there are also some rugs that are for both, like a 2 in 1.

I took a seat on the mountain of carpets and Tori snapped a cute photo of me (see picture above). When I looked at the photo, I realized how defined my curls were, giving off an old school Cher vibe. I was trying to think about how they looked so good and I realized it was all thanks to Form Beauty. The night before, I co washed my hair with the Moisturizing Conditioner, which gave my hair a lot of hydration. Also, before heading to the souk, I applied the Defining Curl Gel to my damp hair and allowed it to air dry. I love when my curls look defined AF. When my hair is on fleek, I feel like a kid in a Moroccan carpet shop, lol, maybe not a kid, but me. After I was done hyping up my hair, we continued to scan around the warehouse, but realized we were  almost an hour late for our lunch meeting. The best thing that I can recommend when shopping for a carpet in Moroccan is MAKE SURE YOU HAVE TIME! It’s not a easy process and you must figure out which one speaks to you. I call it a journey because you must dedicate at least 4 hours. You must see, choose, and barter. It takes time my friends, but if you’re like me and you really love cultural decor, it is definitely something you will devote time to.


Photographed by Thaïs Martin

Carpet shopping with Tori



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Being in Marrakesh, Morocco, at the amazing boutique hotel, Jnane Tamsna, was an incredible experience. It was full of great food, great people, great culture and a whole lot of dry heat. It was so hot, that 110 degrees was normal. Don’t get me wrong, I loveeee the heat, but that was heat that could fry some bacon. That being said, when it’s too hot outside, I tend to wear my hair in a style that is pushed away from my face. In high heat, gel tends to feel like it is melting on my scalp. Pomade gives my hair a good hold that feels light and I always want my edges to be laidddddd, so I started to use the Form Beauty, Polish Pomade.



The polish pomade is lightweight and  “uses a blend of oils to lock in moisture, fight frizz and provide a smooth look and soft feel” (www.formbeauty.com). I was able to create the hairstyle, in the pictures above, in four simple steps.

  1. Since I was going for a sleek but bushy look. I first brushed out all of my curls.
  2.  I made a part in the center of my head but I only parted it half way.
  3.  I then damped the front part of my hair so my edges and the front could be slicked down and the back could big and bushy.
  4. Lastly, I brushed down the front area down and pinned it tight. I made the back part of my hair bigger and bushier for as 70’s style inspired look.







Lashes and Eyebrows done by May at Luxurious Lashes in New York.

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Finding the proper person to install your lash extensions and do your eyebrows can be very challenging. When women get their eyebrows and lashes done, it must be PERFECT! There is no room for error and for someone like me who is very particular about the thickness of my eyebrows, I don’t let any random person lay their hands on me. I moved to New York in October and I haven’t found the right person to shape up my eyebrows and install perfect lashes, until NOW! Last week I had the pleasure of taking the train to West Hempstead, Long Island (30 mins from NYC), and getting my lashes and eyebrows done by the one and only May, owner of  Luxurious Lashes.

When I arrived in West Hempstead, May was so kind enough to pick me up from the train station (it was a SUPER snowy day) to escort me to her salon. I truly was shocked and thankful at her kind gesture. I was greeted into the salon by one of her assistants, who took my coat and gave me the most delicious cup of tea ever! May made sure that I was comfortable and relaxed because getting your lashes done is very tedious and time consuming. May made sure she informed me about having lash extensions, prior to the installation, which I really appreciated.  She gave me 3 tips to know when having individual lashes:


  1. Make sure that your aesthetician knows how to apply the style of lashes that will enhance your eye shape.
  2. When you wear eye makeup with your lashes, make sure that you remove the makeup with a WATER BASE makeup remover
  3. Make sure to brush your lashes everyday with a spoolie brush so they don’t get tangled. (May will give you a free spoolie brush after your appointment)

Example of a spoolie brush:

Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 7.41.07 PM

After an hour and half, my lashes were done and they looked FLAWLESS! I was almost in tears because May really knew how to create a lash structure that enhanced my eye shape. I was truly over joyed and I felt beautiful. The best thing about May and Luxurious Lashes is that she and her team know how to make you feel comfortable and treat you feel like a QUEEN. May is a licensed aesthetician, so she was able to wax my eyebrows as well. She cleaned up my eyebrows so that they stayed thick and didn’t look sparse. If you want more than your lashes and eyebrows done, Luxurious Lashes is the perfect place because they also do nails, micro blading, waxing, spray tanning, and makeup. Luxurious Lashes is your ONE STOP SHOP! You can get everything done at one place and still save time.

Make sure to follow May’s business Instagram @LuxuriousLashesli

Here are my results that I was VERY satisfied with



Since fall is here and we are going to be transitioning into winter soon, it is so important to me that my skin and hair are both moisturized. Skincare is important to me because I do wear make up often and makeup always look flawless when the skin is healthy and hydrated. The high winds make my face dry but thanks to Erno Laszlo, I have found the perfect face hydrating and nourishing products that have given my skin a glow


The best thing about these products are that they are a cleansing duo. All you have to do, in the morning and evening, is rub the cleansing oil on your face and dip the cleansing bar into warm water and rub on your face, along with the oil.

Press the link to see a visual tutorial : https://vimeo.com/176616610




This toner should be applied on the face after using the cleansing duo in the morning and evening. Pour a small amount on a cotton ball and rub it evenly and gently on your face.

Press the link to see a visual tutorial : https://vimeo.com/39289340



The sleep mask is an overnight mask that should only be used twice a week. After using the cleansing duo and toner, I apply a small amount on my face and upper neck and leave it on my face until the morning. Wash it off , moisturize, and you’re ready to go


Keeping my hair nourished and moisturized is VERY important to me as well. Good Hair Day is an amazing company that carries some of the greatest flat irons and curling irons that keeps your hair healthy and moisturized. I don’t like irons that burn my hair but GHD hair irons are set at the proper temperature that don’t over heat your hair. Also, the plates that are used on the irons are made to lock in the hairs moisture.

Press image to be access the link (currently 20% off and can be a great stocking stuffer for Christmas)



Remember to stay hydrated!


Ivy Coco


Outfit Details:

screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-7-03-53-pmSomedays Lovin Daze Blue High-Rise Flare Leg
Vegas Nay Grand Glamor Lashes

My entire life, I have tried my hardest to keep my hair healthy and full of volume. As a young girl, my mother kept my hair in cornrows, twists, bantu knots/china bumps, or individual box braids.Growing up with an older brother who rocked Iverson cornrows, I had to follow his lead and be swagged out just like him. My mother put my hair in cornrows and braids so it was protected and well maintained during my childhood adventures, activities, and sports.  Myself , along with many other Black girls and other women of color, grew up wearing CORN ROWS or BOX BRAIDS to maintain healthy hair.Whoever wrote the article about KIM KARDASHIAN’S “BOXER BRAIDS”, should probably do some more research on ethic hairstyles. I’m not sure who created the term “BOXER BRAIDS”, nor where it developed from, but THAT IS NOT THE CORRECT TERMANOLOGY AT ALL!

When I first heard the incorrect term of cornrows, I was upset because I believe my cornrows hold cultural value and expression. For decades, media and high fashion have appropriated Black culture and have used a numerous amount of  styles and renamed them to fit “the norm”. Well, if you ask me, french braids and cornrows are my norm. I don’t care who wears the style, but it is important to me that they are referred to as CORNROWS and NOT BOXER BRAIDS!


  • Braids DO NOT stem from Boxers. Many female boxers wear cornrows as a protective while in the ring, but boxing or boxers did not develop the cornrow hair style. Cornrows were developed by Africans and depending on how the braids were styled you could identify someones age, status, religion, occupation and tribe.
  • Braids/Cornrows are a protective style for many black girls/girls of color. A protective style means that a person’s natural hair ends are tucked away and are kept that way to lock in moisture. Protective styles help with hair growth and avoids yanking and pulling hair on a daily basis.
  • Braids make me who I am today. All through elementary school and middle school, I wore braids because they looked cool and at the same time it helped me maintain healthy hair. My braids helped me develop confidence and made me feel like I could conquer the world. “Boxer Braids” might just be for the runway, but cornrows were created for everyday and the runway. When I wear my cornrows, I don’t just look good, I FEEL GOOD!

Love and Hugs,

Ivy Coco

Photographed by Anna May

Hair Braided by Shawnah at Hairstory Philly