Cartagena isn’t just a city full of color, it’s full of great food and inexpensive cocktails. The interior decor of the restaurants are to die for. Many of the dishes are colorful and flavorful but sometimes a tad bit salty. If you’re not a heavy salt eater, I suggest you tell your waiter or waitress to go light on the salt, it makes a huge difference.

Let’s jump right in!



A classic authentic Colombian restaurant with a 1960’s ambiance. You are greeted with the sounds and beats of old-school Colombian live music. Your food is served by an all female waitress staff whom are dressed in crisp double breasted chef whites. Make sure to walk around the restaurant on your way to restroom or after your meal, the colors are magnificent along with the historical photos of legendary Colombians on the wall.


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In Spanish speaking countries, the word  “la mulata” means mixed girl and is a term used to refer to persons born of one white parent and one black parent or to persons born of a mulatto parent or parents.  The vibe of restaurant is very Afro-Colombian, including the art decor on the wall. Try the avocado and the fried platanos, they have some the best in Cartagena.


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This restaurant is a “must see” landmark in old city Cartagena. It’s interior architectural structure is full of arches, high ceilings, and spiral staircases. You can tell this is a place where old money chooses to stay. The restaurant is also apart of a hotel that gives you a fabulous view of the city and the ocean. The lighting is always perfect and the food is always fresh, so make sure you’re camera ready.


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Maria and Don Juan are are two restaurants that are located right next each other. Maria is the wife restaurant to Don Juan and Don Juan is the husband restaurant to Maria. This dynamic duo gives a flavorful fusion twist to Colombian food. They might be right next two each other but they have completely different menus. Try one place for lunch and the other for dinner.


This vibrant 3 story tapas bar and restaurant is full of great music, games, and creative culinary. It’s right next to Maria and Don Juan, so maybe you can pop in here for a small bite or a drink before your dinner reservation. The first floor is laid back with a full bar and a cool playlist of R&B remixes. As you walk up the steps to the second level, you’re surrounded by gorgeous white columns that lead you to a fun game of pool or foosball. As you make your way up to the last and final level, it turns into a full roof top bar, just like NYC or DTLA. The music get funkier on the rooftop as it hops from 90’s to R&B, and Colombian champeta music.


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This gorgeous restaurant and hotel is one Cartagena’s most famous establishments. It’s decor is filled with some of the finest woods and a breathtaking waterfall. Your food might take a little longer than usual but every bite is worth the wait. While you wait, try their famous Moscow Mule, you won’t regret it.


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I know that I am not the only one that is struggling with getting into the holiday spirit. I’ve seen so many Christmas lights since Halloween, but I guess I haven’t felt the vibes of the Christmas angel. One thing that I know for sure is 2017 moved faster than Usain Bolt.  I swear I was just watching the 2017 count down in New York City, like it was yesterday. I am quickly realizing that as I get older, time seems to move faster. I love Christmas time because my birthday is 2 days before Christmas. For me, that means double presents and since my parents are divorced, their partners always tend to slide in an extra gift for me. This year I will be turning 23 years old on the 23rd of December. This year is my golden year, so I know I am supposed to shine everyday of 2018. I have so much to be excited about this holiday season but I guess I need some more help. My Mom used to do these 4 things to jumpstart the holidays so I think I need to start them up again:


My favorite thing to do is listen to Christmas music, even when it’s not Christmas. There is nothing like hearing little Michael Jackson sing ” Santa Clause is coming to town”. His voice was so perfect and infectious that the holiday bug has to bite you when you listen to this album.


I’ve always loved Panettone Christmas cake ever since I was a little girl. I love bread and I love raisins, so to have a cake that kills two birds with one stone is a great feeling. The texture is fluffy and easy to pull apart. The smell is sweet, zesty and fruity. Lastly,  it can be purchased in your local grocery in a red box or SOMETIMES it is sold in Staples.


Gingerbread cookies and houses are always a classic. If you’ve got some little ones in your household or family, it’s time to pull out the frosting and cookie cutters. When I used to make gingerbread houses with my mother, she always told me the importance of having and owning your own home. I feel like building a gingerbread house is a great way for children to learn about what they might want in their own home one day. Once you’re done and the children have gone to bed, you can eat it and throw it back with some spiked eggnog or rum punch.


Being a Jamerican, I’ve always celebrated my holidays with a glass of sorrel. It is a hibiscus drink that tastes great with white Jamaican rum. It has a sweet and savory taste that is divine. If you’re looking for a holiday drink that isn’t eggnog or a mixed cocktail, I suggest trying out some sorrel.

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