How To Wear Colorful Fur


Fall is my one of my favorite seasons because I can start drinking hot cocoa and I can bring out those fabulous coats that I’ve have been hiding in the back of my closet. I love a stylish coat that can keep me warm. Living in New York, it’s so imperative to have a coat that can do both: break necks and keep your body from freezing. The three main pieces of clothing that are important to me during the fall and winter are cashmere sweaters, black boots and once again, a durable coat.

Sorry to say this, but during the cold seasons people are looking at the outside instead of the inside. What I mean by that is, since everyone is usually bundled up, they probably won’t be looking at your complete outfit, they’ll be looking at solely your coat. I believe that your coat(s) should make a statement and represent your style. If you’re someone like me whose style is changing everyday, that means you have a lot of coats. If you’ve been wearing the same black or brown coat for the past decade, I suggest you donate it to your local coat drive and upgrade. Coats, jackets, and parkas can be expensive, so if you’re not ready to invest in a new coat, try going to your local thrift or consignment shop. During the winter, thrifts store are the best for stocking up on grandpa sweaters and jackets. If you’re completely lost, you can shop my favorite jackets up above.

Peace & Love,

Ivy Coco


Photographed by: Laura Craffey 

Hair braided by: Jeri Jennell 


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