The Confidante: Miami’s Hottest Hotel for Millennials


Last month, I had the pleasure of going to Miami, Florida for the Adele concert ( I waited a almost a year for this concert and it was definitely worth the wait). During my stay, I had the opportunity to spend some time on South Beach at one of Miami’s hottest new hotels, The Confidante. I was greeted with a cocktail by a very friendly concierge. This hotel is full of culture, color, and class. The rooms are spacious and filled with vibrant colors. When you aren’t enjoying the comfort of your room, you can take a trip downstairs and relax poolside. The pool area is filled will gorgeous bungalows where you can order a cocktail, or a mocktail, for my non-alcoholic drinkers. If you are there on a weekend, you can catch one of the hotel’s day parties. If you want to experience the beach, all you have to do is follow a small trail way that leads to the beautiful white sand. The hotel staff can assist you with a beach tent for you and your company. The Confidante is truly a place for fun and relaxation. The location isn’t too far from the South Beach strip, so you’re able to feel like you’re away on a private island, while still being close to the night life. Consider, The Confidante, for your next stay in sexy South Beach.

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