How to Keep your Life & Style Positively Neutral


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Whenever I am confused about what to wear, I always try to stay calm and keep it neutral. When I mean neutral, I mean, I tend to stray towards the neutral colors in my closet, like ivory, mocha, olive, sand, and taupe. Once in a while, we all have those moments where we ask ourselves ” What the heck am I am going to wear today”? That is why I have a section in my closet dedicated to neutral colored clothing. For those indecisive days of not knowing what to wear to work, the doctors office, or to class, remember that neutral tones are easy to pair with denim, khakis, or slacks. Another plus for neutral colors is that they look good on a number of skin tones, but you have to figure out what neutral colors look best on you. Once you’ve learned which colors work best for you, you are one step closer to avoiding those indecisive wardrobe days.

When it comes down to making daily life choices, it’s important to stay POSITIVELY NEUTRAL. Every day we are placed in different situations, no matter if it’s positive or negative. The situation can only benefit you, if you are willing to react in a neutral manner. I know it sounds easier said then done, but it takes practice, just like many things in life.  When I say “react neutral”, I don’t mean not to react all, but I mean to accept the circumstance and overcome them. In positive situations, remember to have humility and be thankful, but you must do the same in negative situations as well. When things don’t go your way, it’s easy to end up isolating yourself, and waste time thinking  about things that will not have a long term affect on your life. The best things to do is quickly dissect the situation, accept it, learn from it, and MOVE ON! Trust your gut and have faith in your choices. Over time, you must program your mind to accept your challenges and highlights, so that you are able to move forward.



Photographed by Durell Hospedale


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