Building a Queendom


Earrings: Vintage

Dress: Missguided

This week marks one year since has been my blog and brand. It makes me so excited to know that as a life & style blogger and social media influencer, my influence is growing. My blog/brand is like my baby and seeing it grow into something big is such a rewarding feeling. Through blogging I’ve learned a lot about myself, branding, and self branding. There have been moments and days where I wanted to give up, but I didn’t allow myself to. When I tell people I’m a blogger, I usually get 1 of 2 reactions. Some find it cool and powerful, and others don’t understand how I can support myself blogging about beauty, life, and style. Blogging is harder than people think. There are no professional bloggers from prior generations, so I have ultimate control over my career and how I choose to brand myself.


I am still building my brand and my queendom.  A queendom isn’t about ruling over a people or a community, it’s about guiding them and making sure they are given the tools and resources to survive. That is what the Ivy Coco brand is about, GIVING INDIVIDUALS WAYS TO ALWAYS REINVENT THEIR STYLE THROUGH FASHION, TRAVEL, BEAUTY, AND LIFE LESSONS. STYLE IS HOW WE CARRY OURSELVES, DRESS OURSELVES, AND CREATE OURSELVES. I want the community of the Ivy Coco queendom to know that as I grow, I want them to grow as well. Through blogging I am allowed to give my kings and queens my perspective of clothing, culture, and class. I enjoy sharing my favorite fashion finds, beauty tricks, and travel itineraries, but style is deeper than how we look. I want my queendom supporters to know that we must DRESS HOW WE WANT TO BE ADDRESSED. We must know what we want and acknowledge what is good or bad for us to know our personal style. AS WE EVOLVE SO DOES OUR STYLE and that is the beauty of knowing ourselves. My queendom will continue to grow and succeed because my key is to SHARE. I will continue to share my life and style through my Ivy Coco queendom and hope my fellow kings and queens will not just visit the queendom, but call it home.

Don’t forget to always wear your invisible crown!

Ivy Coco

Photographer: Brandon Hicks



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  1. Jimmy V
    May 20, 2016 / 11:14 am

    Happy to watch the kingdom grow.

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