I remember being a kid and really wanting two things, braces and freckles. I got braces and I enjoyed them, until they started hurting me and was unable to eat my favorite candies. One think I never got were freckles. Some people think they look like mini black heads but I think they are absolutely gorgeous and they should be embraced. We all have a specific feature that makes us unique. Some have full lips, a fascinating bone structure, a gorgeous large forehead, or like me, thick eyebrows. I have seen so many makeup artists and high fashion magazines add faux freckles on models and clients. At first, I thought it was very strange until I tried it and I thought it was pretty funky. Working with with creator, designer, and professional makeup artist , Vyana Brie, she and a few other MUA’s taught me cool little tricks on how to create natural faux freckles.

Easy products to create faux freckles:

  1. MAC Eyebrow Pencil  mac_sku_M1EF03_640x600_0.jpg
  2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz  s1056084-main-hero.jpg
  3. Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade  (apply with a fine paint brush that be bought at your local art store)s1578699-main-hero.jpg



Lightly apply the eyebrow pencil or pomade on the areas of your face where you want to create your faux freckles. Do not press the pencil or brush deeply into your skin because they will look like random dark marks on your face. Once you have applied them on the area of your face, use a beauty blender that already has a little leftover foundation on it above the faux freckles, so it looks natural on the skin. Lastly, lightly apply some foundation powder on top of your new faux freckles to hold them in place.

Have fun with your  face and stay cute!


Ivy Coco

Photographer: Art Crooks

MUA and Designer: Vyana Brie







Summer time is all about light hair, dark skin, and bright colors. I am a lover of black no matter the season, but lately I’ve started to see the color beige appear in my closet. I know I have a diverse color palette within my wardrobe, but some colors appear more than others, such as white, black, beige, and grey. They are very common and basic colors that are easy to match. Since the heat is coming quick, beige is my basic color of the season.

Recently, I had the opportunity to shoot with the fabulous photographer  Art Crooks and have my face beat by Pro MUA, creative director, and designer/owner of SAULT , Vyana Brie. Together we created looks that were fun, fresh, and vibrant for the summer. Vyana designed this amazing unisex jumpsuit that I am wearing in the photo above. The jumpsuit is light weight and easy to slip on. It can easily be worn in the spring/summer  with a sneaker or sandal , but can also be worn in the fall/winter with a great jacket and killer boots. Since the outfit is a basic color, it gives you the opportunity to accessorize with a 90’s choker or even a funky cool pair of platforms like I did (see photos below).

The best thing about a basic color is that it can be easily paired with other colors and still look fabulous. Don’t be afraid to color block and spice up your style. Everything doesn’t have to be monochromatic, especially during spring or summer. Have fun will essential garments and bring them to life with splash of color.


Ivy Coco

Outfit Details

Jumpsuit: SAULT (coming soon)

Platform shoes: Zara



Earrings: Vintage

Dress: Missguided

This week marks one year since has been my blog and brand. It makes me so excited to know that as a life & style blogger and social media influencer, my influence is growing. My blog/brand is like my baby and seeing it grow into something big is such a rewarding feeling. Through blogging I’ve learned a lot about myself, branding, and self branding. There have been moments and days where I wanted to give up, but I didn’t allow myself to. When I tell people I’m a blogger, I usually get 1 of 2 reactions. Some find it cool and powerful, and others don’t understand how I can support myself blogging about beauty, life, and style. Blogging is harder than people think. There are no professional bloggers from prior generations, so I have ultimate control over my career and how I choose to brand myself.


I am still building my brand and my queendom.  A queendom isn’t about ruling over a people or a community, it’s about guiding them and making sure they are given the tools and resources to survive. That is what the Ivy Coco brand is about, GIVING INDIVIDUALS WAYS TO ALWAYS REINVENT THEIR STYLE THROUGH FASHION, TRAVEL, BEAUTY, AND LIFE LESSONS. STYLE IS HOW WE CARRY OURSELVES, DRESS OURSELVES, AND CREATE OURSELVES. I want the community of the Ivy Coco queendom to know that as I grow, I want them to grow as well. Through blogging I am allowed to give my kings and queens my perspective of clothing, culture, and class. I enjoy sharing my favorite fashion finds, beauty tricks, and travel itineraries, but style is deeper than how we look. I want my queendom supporters to know that we must DRESS HOW WE WANT TO BE ADDRESSED. We must know what we want and acknowledge what is good or bad for us to know our personal style. AS WE EVOLVE SO DOES OUR STYLE and that is the beauty of knowing ourselves. My queendom will continue to grow and succeed because my key is to SHARE. I will continue to share my life and style through my Ivy Coco queendom and hope my fellow kings and queens will not just visit the queendom, but call it home.

Don’t forget to always wear your invisible crown!

Ivy Coco

Photographer: Brandon Hicks




Braids: @Naturalistabyeisha

Crop Top Bandeau: Zara

Denim Jacket: Calvin Klein (Vintage)

Embroidered Denim Jeans: Vintage (My Mother’s Closet)

In the spring and summer  I love two things, braids and denim. I know a lot of people are wearing cornrows and braids because it’s “trending” in high fashion and social media, but for the average black girl like me, braids are a life saver. Braids help my hair grow, lock in moisture, and look amazing. I’ve tried a new style of braids this season, some refer to them as “gypsy braids” or what I like to call them “Zoe Kravitz braids”. Little Ms. Zoe Kravitz is definitely my spring/summer style inspiration. Her style is always on point and she is seems so cool and carefree. The one fun thing about having braids is that they are versatile. I can style my braids in infinite ways and still look like I am making a statement. I like to switch up my hair, one because it’s fun and two because I enjoy keeping people guessing.

I love a nice pair of light washed distressed jeans or shorts in the spring and summer. A light washed denim jacket is also an essential in my closest. Many people aren’t a fan of the denim on denim look, but if you know how to pair different washes of denim, you can create the perfect look. I definitely recommend playing around with your old denim in your closet. Instead of throwing them out add some rips, tears, or even some bleach to your denim. Recreate your jeans and reuse them for a new look! Remember summer sixteen is about to be LIT, so you have to look the part as well.


Ivy Coco

Photographed by Brandon Hicks  (Instagram )



Black Girl Magic doesn’t stop and it definitely continued on the red carpet of the 2016 Met Gala.

1. Lupita Nyong’o in Calvin Klein

The Oscar winner and current Broadway star, took advantage of her night off to slay the red carpet. She glowed in green and broke necks with her natural up do hairstyle (total Coming to America vibes). But literally, do you see Nate Parker in the back, breaking his neck just to get a glimpse? I don’t blame you Mr. Parker.  lupita-nyongo.jpg

Getty Images

2. Zendaya Coleman in Michael Kors

This stunning fashion forward 19 year old, makes me so excited about her high fashion future. She and her stylist, Law Roach, always put the pedal to the metal and Z is killin’ in Kors.  zendaya-gettyimages-527359892.jpg

Getty Images

3. Zoe Saldana in Dolce & Gabana

Even with minimal makeup, Mama Saldana was giving absolute spicy Latina vibes with fit, flare, and feathers. zoe-saldana_gettyimages-527344436.jpg

Getty Images

4. Solange Knowles in David LaPort

This naturalista always knows how to make a statement and she does it beautifully in color. From the hair to leather thigh high socks to the clear heel, this look is EVERYTHING!solange_gettyimages-527368048.jpg

Getty Images

Click Here to see Solange jammin’ with Willow Smith and Amandla Stenberg

5. Aja Naomi 

This How To Get Away With Murder star and chocolate hottie looks perfect in her tangerine color dress. She murdered the red carpet with her melanin, perfectly teezed hair, and gorgeous lip color. aja-naomi-king-_gettyimages-527344124.jpg

6. Beyoncé Knowles in Givenchy

Like Queen Bey says ” I’m so reckless when I rock my Givenchy dress .” This jaw dropping silhouette has been rushing to the kitchen for a glass of lemonade. bey_gettyimages-527368170.jpg

Getty Images

7. FKA Twigs 

Ms. Twigs knows how to accessorize an outfit to a T. Looking like a Queen with her head piece, body belt, and arm candy, she makes me want to dive into my mothers jewels.fka-twigs.jpg

Getty Images

8. Zoe Kravitz

Even though this look might have a lot going on, Kravitz knows how to keep it cute. I must say, the lace mask gives her a mysterious look with a magical twist, which I love!zoe-kravitz.jpg

Getty Images

9. Willow Smith

I love that Willow and her brother, Jaden, are holding hands #siblinglove. The dread heads make a dynamic duo with their dope hair styles while looking classic in black. willow-jaden-1.jpg

Getty Images

10. Misty Copeland 

Misty missed me with this outfit. I wanted her to give me some pizazz, like she gives the audience while performing as Principal at the American Ballet Theatre. No matter what, she is still effortlessly beautiful. misty-copeland-_gettyimages-527344062.jpg

Getty Images

11. Naomi Campbell

Muva Naomi can slay anything! She has been in this game for over 20 years and her black, still doesn’t crack! naomi-campbell.jpg

Getty Images

12. Nikki Minaj

Being one of TIME Magazine’s Top 100 Influential People, this dress didn’t influence me too much. No matter what, Ms. Nikki is all about having control over her career and collecting her checks, all while having her eyeliner on FLEEK!nikki-minajgettyimages-527359534-1.jpg

Getty Images

13. Ciara in H&M

This bride-to-be makes me smile with her cool dance videos and bubbly personality, but this hair color… not so much. Looking daring and sophisticated in H&M, she makes me feel that if she can rock this silver caged dress, so can I. ciara.jpg

Getty Images

14. Kerry Washington 

I love me some Kerry Washington, even when she is having an off hair day. The high slit dress paired with elbow length gloves is a gorgeous look, plus you can never go wrong in black. kerry-washington.jpg

Getty Images

15. Jourdan Dunn in Balmain

Ms. Dunn had me stunned. Styled in silver from head to toe, she had me feeling very futuristic. Lastly, that waist was SNATCHED!damon-met-gala-141-jourdan-dunn-superJumbo-1.jpg

Damon Winter/ The New York Times

16. LaLa Anthony

A sleek ponytail, grungy eye makeup, and the color red sounds like a killer combo. Lala was giving me fever, looking like one hot tamale! lala-anthony-600x800.jpg

Kevin Mazur/WireImage

17. Amandla Stenberg in Calvin Klein

This afrolicious superstar had me loving her wine red, wide leg pant suit. Her cute choker and detailed headband added such cool vibes to her classic look. rs_634x1024-160502183004-634-MET-GALA-Arrivals-Amandla-Stenberg.jpg

Larry Busacca/ Getty Images

18. Joan Smalls in Balmain

Joan Smalls was doing big things while she walked the red carpet in her crystalized Balmain gown. Those long legs looked gorgeous with that thigh high slit. Joan-Smalls-Balmain-Dress-Met-Gala-2016.jpg

Jamie McCarthy/ Getty Images

19. Jennifer Hudson in H&M

Hudson looked very angelic in her white H&M gown. Her train was so gorgeous, she too had to look back at it a few times. jennifer-hudson-a-600x800.jpg

Jamie McCarthy/ Film Magic

20. Herizen F. Guardiola

The star of the new Netflix series The Get Down, stepped out in a green fitted dress that complemented her beautiful skin. She showed off her natural beauty with a high bun, minimal makeup, and bare lip.

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