Do you ever stop to think about how people, space, and time, all work together? I know I have had friendships and relationships that have only lasted a season, but that’s all because things happen for a reason. I always tell myself “God works in mysterious ways” and if people are supposed to remain in my life and space for a lifetime, they will.

The charming, educated and might I add, dashing, young man who has graced my blog this week, is my good friend, Colin Redd, but for giggles I call him, Colin Smoov.  He has a dope swag that makes him Mr. Smoov. I can’t just say smooth, it sounds too boring, plus the word “smoov” has a little flavor to it. He is definitely a person with flavor, sugar, spice, and an appetite for being nice…sometimes, LOL. The beauty of friendship has no color, gender, race, or strategy. Every friendship is different and that is  why we as individuals are given the opportunity to unite with others through vibes, stories, and commonalities.

I take pride in whom I surround myself with. I don’t want to be the person that gets caught with the WRONG people at the WRONG time, because then my parents will be disappointed (we all know the worst feeling in the world is when your parents look at you speechless and slowly say “I’m disappointed with you”). Colin is the friend that took me to my senior prom when my ex-boyfriend flaked on me 2 weeks  prior to prom and 2 days after my grandfather’s death. Even though we both love fashion, the same genres of music, and dance like a duo from the 70’s, in my hard time he was able to do the easiest, which was to be nice. This is why we have friends, because true friends do the unthinkable and in most cases, they do the little things that pick you up.

My crazy ole Jamaican grandmother always tells me “be nice to all you can for as long as you can.” You never know who you are going to meet in this world and being nice with a simple smile can take you long way. When you build relationships, know that people don’t remember what you said, they remember how you made them feel.

Peace & Love,

Ivy Coco

My Outfit:

Hat: Her Favorite LA

Shirt: H&M

Jeans: ASOS

Colin’s Outfit:

Shirt & Hat: Supreme NY ( SOLD OUT)

Pants: Zanerobe


Photographed by Tayo Kuku

Instagram : @tayojr


Working with Tayo Kuku is always a blast. He captivates the essence of whatever your vision is. He has a great urban style and is able to shoot fashion, landscape, commercial and more.


As humans, we all take part in the habit of overthinking. No matter if situations are big or small, it’s easy to overanalyze them. Overthinking only leads to one thing, STRESS, and stress doesn’t go with any of my outfits. I try my hardest to refrain from anxiety and stress, but sometimes it pops up here and there. In middle school, I had the worst anxiety that often led me to stress out about little things like test/quizzes, public speaking, and meeting new people. My anaxiety was so bad, my Mom had to give me stress ball. A stress ball is made out of a squishy foam texture, and when I felt nervous, stressed, or anxious, I would squeeze it to reduce my anxiety. It wasn’t until my sophomore year of high school where I finally began to shed some skin and blossom into a young lady who was aware of all the things she should accomplish. Once I let go of stressing over things that had no control over me, I realized that I control me and my emotions.

How we feel shows in the type of outfits we choose to wear. When I’m not feeling well, I know I don’t dress to the best of my ability. Stress and anxiety doesn’t match my outfit nor style. I  stay away from stress because, number one, it is unhealthy for the heart and body, and number two, who likes the feeling of being down and out? I know that when I wake up, I feel too blessed to be stressed. When you step into the right attitude it’s so much easier to step into the right outfit.


Ivy Coco

Outfit Details:

Top, Pant, & Boot: Zara

Hair styled by : Carla Clarkson

Photographed by : Nico Rinaldo