Beauty Favorites #BlackBeauty


When I first started getting into beauty and makeup, I had so much trouble finding products that truly matched my skin color. When I got into the drug store, I would go straight to the commercialized brands instead of looking at the Black brands for women of color. As a young beauty guru, it is so important to be knowledgable about different makeup brands and how they look on different skin tones. Black Beauty companies such as Milani, Black Radiance, and Black Opal are made for women of color, but aren’t highlighted as much as other companies. Until I stopped and tested out products from these companies, I found out that these are the products I’ve been needing. Also, most of the products can be found in drug stores and range from $1-$20 (which is very inexpensive for makeup). As a young Black beauty guru, I believe it’s important that I invest back into the Black economic dollar. There is so much power in being Black and investing your money back into Black companies. But not only that, these products have amazing quality for an amazing price, and the results are phenomenal. It doesn’t get much better than that.

  1. Tyra Beauty: Oops Eyeliner & Corrector  – A perfect liquid liner to create a simple wing liner or even a funky cat eye. Don’t get upset if you mess up, because on the other side there is a corrector pen to remove your excess liner.
  2. Black Opal Perfecting Concealer: Beautiful Bronze – I use this concealer stick to contour my face. It gives me great definition with out being too harsh (Don’t forget to BLEND!)
  3. Mac Lipstick: Siss – Since I am a woman of color, finding a nude inspired lipstick is so hard. Siss gives me the perfect nudy feel. You can always line it with Mac’s lip liner in Chestnut to give yourself a nude ombre look.
  4. Black Radiance Liquid Foundation: Butterscotch  – My skin complexion has some yellow undertones and this liquid foundation knows how to conceal without being heavy on my face. When I’m wearing it, it doesn’t even feel like I have foundation on.

Black Opal and Black Radiance products can both be found at your local Drugstore (CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Duane Reade.. )or Walmart.



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