Blazer: Black Boyfriend Blazer

Pant: Black High-Waisted Trouser Pant

More and more millennials are becoming their own boss. I love seeing my generation as entrepreneurs and business owners, because it shows the world that we are independent. I knew at the age of four that I was going to be my own boss. Spending my summers in Jamaica with my grandmother, I used to take fabric from her clothing factory and create faux food for my pretend restaurant. It might have seemed funny and cute to many individuals, but I took my restaurant very seriously. My grandmother and grandfather were my first customers. During lunch time they would come into my restaurant (aka their dining room) and eat lunch. They played along and gave critiques on how I could change my menu, change the taste of the food, and enhance my table setting. My grandparents pushed me to be a better business owner, even if it was entirely about using your imagination.

Now that I am older and self-branding myself as my business, I must look the part. I know when I feel good, I look good, but I also know, when I look good, I feel good. Both go hand in hand, but it’s so important that you dress the part. My mother always told me that when you meet someone new, like a future boss, love interest, or just a general new person, they have three seconds to make create their perspective based on clothing, conversation, and body language. When I get dressed, I try to dress my best because I never know who I am going to meet and dressing well makes me feel good.

For a man and a woman, you can never go wrong with a black or dark colored blazer. A blazer is classic and adds a sense of sophistication to an outfit. A blazer can be paired with a dark or light washed jean, or a great pair of trousers. The structure of a blazer is what makes the outfit. The defined shoulders and fit accentuates body shape. A blazer is an essential in anyones closet. It’s a statement piece that can be dressed up or dressed down. I know when I am wearing my blazer, I feel confident, and confidence is the sexiest accessory.






Trench Coat: Olive Duster Coat

Dress: Nude Spaghetti Strap Fitted-Dress

For a young woman like me that loves fashion, I am always looking at clothing that is hot and popping on the runways. In less than a month, New York Fashion Week designers are going to premiere their FW 16 collections. One designer and musical genius that I love is, Kanye West. Many people think that his Yeezy collections are basic and boring, but I am not anyone to knock someones craft and art. In my opinion, I really like Mr. West’s collections. It’s in a class of it’s own when its comes to color, style, and structure. I admire Kanye musically and fashionably. Not going to lie, but I really loved his suit when he got married. He kept it classic and chic, and I think thats the moment when I really started to admire his fashionable sense.

I might admire the Yeezy collections, but I am not buying the brand because it is out of my personal price range. I am a fashionista who likes to ball on a budget. Mr.West has definitely developed a genre of colors that relate to him, which I refer to as ” Kanye Kolors”. When I think of the colors such as nude, tan, olive, and khaki, I instantly think of Yeezy. Since Mr. West is so concrete about the colors he chooses to be in his collections, we all know the natural browns and olives are his thing. I love the colors he chooses because they are colors that can be easily matched with anything. I choose to find my Kanye inspired clothing at Style Link Miami. It is a online store based out of Miami, Florida, that is chic and affordable. The store is known for its outerwear, but I adore the simplicity and fierceness in all their pieces. I was able to find gorgeous pieces that reminds me of Kanye’s Yeezy Collections. I like to be fashion forward, but I enjoy saving my money as well. I know it’s sometimes hard to find items right off the runway, so search for items that are similar. Runway fashion should be an inspiration to your personal style. Love your style because no one can ever be you.



For more information if Kanye West is dropping his Yeezy Season 3 at Fashion Week in February 2016, head over to The Source for more information.


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Sunglasses: Dior / Similar Dior Inspired Sunglasses

Jacket: Vintage / Similar Black/Grey Striped Fur Coat

Top: Boohoo Tall Millie Scoop Back Bodysuit

Pants: Topshop Tall Moto Joni Jeans

Purse: Vince Camuto

Boots: Zara High Heel Sock Style Ankle Boots

I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again, I love the color Black! Black is sexy, bold, and totally slimming. When I was a kid, my mother used to dress in black all the time. At first, I thought she had a bland and boring sense of style, but then as I matured, I began to understand the regalness of the color. I must admit that the color has grown on me as I enter my mid-twenties. Black is an easy go to color and it adds definition to body shape. In women’s fashion, women have their essential LBD, Little Black Dress. In men’s fashion, men have their essential black suit. You just can’t go wrong with an all black outfit because it makes you a force to be reckoned with. Since it is winter and it is cold outside, I catch myself wearing it often. Winter time is perfect for black boots, pants, turtle necks, and coats. Black is also a color that is easy to match with other colors. For example, black goes well with white, red, pink…. basically anything, which shows the power of the color. No matter the occasion, black can be your best friend.



Photos taken by: John Dionisio

Hair styled by: Terri Alexander

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When I first started getting into beauty and makeup, I had so much trouble finding products that truly matched my skin color. When I got into the drug store, I would go straight to the commercialized brands instead of looking at the Black brands for women of color. As a young beauty guru, it is so important to be knowledgable about different makeup brands and how they look on different skin tones. Black Beauty companies such as Milani, Black Radiance, and Black Opal are made for women of color, but aren’t highlighted as much as other companies. Until I stopped and tested out products from these companies, I found out that these are the products I’ve been needing. Also, most of the products can be found in drug stores and range from $1-$20 (which is very inexpensive for makeup). As a young Black beauty guru, I believe it’s important that I invest back into the Black economic dollar. There is so much power in being Black and investing your money back into Black companies. But not only that, these products have amazing quality for an amazing price, and the results are phenomenal. It doesn’t get much better than that.

  1. Tyra Beauty: Oops Eyeliner & Corrector  – A perfect liquid liner to create a simple wing liner or even a funky cat eye. Don’t get upset if you mess up, because on the other side there is a corrector pen to remove your excess liner.
  2. Black Opal Perfecting Concealer: Beautiful Bronze – I use this concealer stick to contour my face. It gives me great definition with out being too harsh (Don’t forget to BLEND!)
  3. Mac Lipstick: Siss – Since I am a woman of color, finding a nude inspired lipstick is so hard. Siss gives me the perfect nudy feel. You can always line it with Mac’s lip liner in Chestnut to give yourself a nude ombre look.
  4. Black Radiance Liquid Foundation: Butterscotch  – My skin complexion has some yellow undertones and this liquid foundation knows how to conceal without being heavy on my face. When I’m wearing it, it doesn’t even feel like I have foundation on.

Black Opal and Black Radiance products can both be found at your local Drugstore (CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Duane Reade.. )or Walmart.




Jacket: SheIn

Dress: Fashion Nova – Tanner Dress

Boots: Lola Shoetique – Ambitious Boots

Lately, I’ve been feeling a bit grey. No, I don’t mean gray as in sad, but grey meaning I’ve been wearing the color grey a lot lately (lol). In a month, it  will be the 1 year anniversary of the movie , 50 Shades of Grey, so maybe its a coincidence that I’ve been wearing grey. I’ve got to admit, I loved the way Mr.Grey dressed in the movie. His suits were sleek, slim, sophisticated, and sexy. That’s exactly how I felt wearing this grey outfit. I like to mix different shades of grey. My dress, jacket, and boots, aren’t the same exact color, but it works for my monochromatic look. Usually if I’m going to match, I like each garment to be the same color or shade, but in this case I decided to switch it up and it worked. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your clothes. When you think something might not work out, life surprises you and it ends up working out perfectly. In this case, your clothes might surprise you after all.

Photographed by: John Carlo

Hair: Carla Clarkson