December 1st: World AIDS Day #GettingToZero


In the past 35 years, over 15 million people have been infected with HIV/AIDS. At a young age, my mother, actress and HIV/AIDS advocate, Sheryl Lee Ralph, informed me about safe sex. In the 1980’s, while my mother was doing Dream Girls, the Broadway musical, she witnessed her friends die of a “mysterious” disease, which is now called HIV/AIDS. She made it her duty to inform the world about how the virus and the disease is 100% prevent preventable.

“Don’t let your denial be deeper than your grave….The stigma against the disease is killing us quicker than the actual disease”

-Sheryl Lee Ralph

As a millennial HIV/AIDS Ambassador, I believe it is my duty to inform my youth and generations to come about HIV/AIDS:

Here are 5 important things you must be aware of:

  1. HIV and AIDS are two different things! HIV is the virus that can lead to the disease, AIDS. Many people believe HIV and AIDS are the same thing, but they are completely different.
  2. You CAN’t get HIV/AIDS from touching, kissing, handshakes, or a toilet seat! The stigma of the disease and virus is so bad, people believe you can get it by physically touching someone with it, but that is not true. You can contract the disease from unprotected sexual intercourse, needle drug use (intravenous drug users), or being in contact with the blood of someone with HIV/AIDS.
  3. USE CONDOMS! HIV/AIDS is 100% preventable. Protect yourself with using condoms (male condoms or females condoms). You must take matters into your own hands and be responsible for your actions. If you can’t use a condom, think about abstaining from sex.
  4. GET TESTED! Don’t be afraid to go get tested at a clinic with your girlfriend, boyfriend, partner, or just make a date with a couple of good friends. You must be aware that the virus and the disease are spreading quickly, and it’s not just about pregnancy, it’s also about new STIs (sexual transmitted infections) and STDs (sexual transmitted diseases)                                                                                              ***if you are afraid to go to a clinic, go to your local drug store(Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS…etc) and pick up Ora Quick ,an at home testing kit, that will give you your results in 30 minutes.
  5. RAISE AWARENESS! #GettingToZero We CAN’T allow the stigma to kill us. We must inform and spread awareness in the fastest, safest, and best way possible. #GettingToZero is a hashtag used to spread awareness so we can get to Zero new HIV infections, Zero AIDS related deaths, and Zero discrimination.


Don’t be afraid to carry a “safe girl” kit with you( DON’T BE AFRAID TO CARRY A CONDOM). As a young woman it is important to carry protection on you, if you are sexually active. Be prepared for anything, because you never know what can happen. If people look at you funny, be confident and know that you are protecting yourself! Safe Sex is the BEST SEX!

Click on the link below to get your safety girl/condom kit 😉

 Safety Girl Personal Kit





For more information:

Go to AHF (AIDS Healthcare Foundation)

           The Black AIDS Institute

          The DIVA Foundation



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