The Mom Jean


Top: Michael Maven Michael Maven Online Store

Jeans: Levi’s (Thrifted)

Boots: Zara High Heel Sock Style Ankle Boots

Oh how I love a good pair of mom jeans! I love mom jeans so much I feel that every young woman should own a pair that fits her shape, body, and style. The first person I saw wear a pair of mom jeans, was actually my mother. Being a child of the 90’s, I am very familiar with high waisted denim. As a kid, I used to sneak into my mom’s closet, to try on her wardrobe and see if I would look as cool as her in her clothes.

My mom had the sickest body and coolest style in the 90’s, which is a great combo to fit a pair of mom jeans. Her small figure fit perfectly in the waist, her beautiful hips filled out the denim, and with her 5’6″ stature, length was never a problem. For me on the other hand, I didn’t get the hips or height from my mama. I stand tall at 5’9″, a slender figure with very little hips, and very long limbs. I have to admit, I was on the hunt for  a year to find the perfecting fitting mom jean. Since I’m not a curvy fit, I felt it was a bit hard. I tried on at least over 50 pairs of jeans that were too big, too baggy, and too short. Luckily, on my latest trip to Atlanta with my mom, we went thrifting (by the way, thrifting in South is amazing!), and I found my perfect match.

I’m so glad that I was able to find my perfect pair of mom jeans with my perfect mother. It is amazing how trends resurface in a different decade. As a kid, my mother was feelin’ herself in her high waisted mom jeans, and now in 2015, I’m rocking the same type of pants that she used to wear. I’m blessed to have a mother that allows me to learn her style, while she learns mine.

The relationship between a mother and daughter is very special, especially with mine. It’s full of emotion, smiles, and craziness, but it’s all worth it because when I look at my mother, it’s as if I’m looking at my inspiration and mirror at the same time. As I get older, I begin to see our similarities, which has a positive affect on our relationship. I am able to examine where we overlap and where we differ. Whether I’m talking to her about her evolving style, or about about my future career goals, words cannot express the unconditional love that exists between my mother and I.


Ivy Coco

All pictures were taken by Marcus Derricotte Instagram  Website

MUA: Shanah Instagram Website

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  1. Jimmy V
    February 22, 2016 / 1:32 pm

    Last week I attended an event and I felt the need to pay homage to my roots so I wore baggy parachute type pants that reminded me of the east coast Lol lets just say before I made it to the event I was already getting clowned for wearing them. But, the 90s baby in me had to express the way I was feeling through my baggy jeans. Love the 90s.

    • siteadmin
      February 23, 2016 / 4:52 pm

      I am digging the 90’s flow! lol

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