Yeezy Taught Me

IMG_8343-1.JPGOutfit: Created by Me

Boots: TopShop

I’ll never forget the moment when I really became a Kanye West fan. It was back in 2005, on a TV fundraiser for Hurricane Katrina. He disregarded the teleprompter and told the world “George Bush doesn’t care about Black people”(click here for video) . The day that happened, my older brother changed his Instant Messenger name to “bshdntlikeblkppl”. Mr.West made sure that he was in the building by speaking his truth and making it known to the world.

My outfit is inspired by Kanye West’s fashion line, Yeezy Season 2.  I respect West for his creativity, his artistry, and his ability to change the game(the music/fashion game) . Wheather you agree with Kanye and his outspoken statements, or the Kanye who was preaching in College Dropout, or the Kanye who was rocking purple suits, either way, he has the ability to set trends and make people say WTF?! In a good or bad way, he gets the people going.

Some people refer to Yeezy Season 1 & 2 as “boring” or “basic”, but sometimes basic & boring can make a statement, and once again, Mr.West definitely made a statement. I loved both seasons because the clothing looked wearable, chic street, and contemporary. Those are 3 things I love in clothing, so how could I not love the collections. I admire the colors, tones, body fit, and the type of models that he chose. What I admire most about Mr. West, is his ability to dip his feet in multiple industries. As a blogger, I too, want to test the waters and dip my feet into different fields besides fashion, like photography and the entertainment industry : acting, singing, and on air correspondence.

I know I am capable of achieving all my goals and dreams. I will not allow my dreams to just remain dreams, I will follow them and make them my reality. As I diversify my resume, I challenge myself to have a balance with all the the occupations I choose to follow. I will become a Renaissance Woman, but I rather do 3 things great, than 6 things half ass.



All Photos were taken by Underground_NYC 



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  1. November 21, 2015 / 5:37 pm

    “I’d rather do 3 things great than 6 things half assed”… This quote just gave me life! I love it, often 5imes we take on more than we can handle and things come out not so great, but if we focus on a few things, they will be great!

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