Wake Up & Live

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetCrop Top: Boohoo

Bob Marley Blouse and Pants: Ivy Ralph Designs (based in Jamaica)

Boxer: Under Exposed briefs

Glasses: Dior

Let’s be honest, one of the greatest musical performers was Mr. Bob Marley himself. He didn’t just make you feel musically, but he impacted hearts with his words of wisdom. My outfit is truly inspired by Marley, colorful, comfortable, and something that will never go out of style. My grandmother, Ivy Ralph, a Jamaican designer, hand crafted this two piece outfit for my grandfather. She pieced fabrics together so my grandfather could understand and feel the essence of Jamaican culture. My grandfather, a man of American southern heritage, learned to love the culture of Jamaica through my grandmothers island designs. Jamaica was his place of escape, while wearing khaki colored shorts, topped with a simple loose top designed by my grandmother, he used to sit on his porch and be honest with himself while he enjoyed the Jamaican breeze. The perfect songs that allowed him to enjoy his space, were the songs of Bob Marley. One of Marley’s greatest quotes and my personal favorite is:

“Open your eyes, look within.
Are you satisfied with the life you’re living?”
 When you wake up every day, you determine your destiny. When you wake up every day, are you LIVING or are you EXISTING? Determining your destiny comes from being honest with yourself. When people are not honest with themselves they are unhappy and misery loves company. One thing that unhappy people are good at is making other people unhappy. Why be unhappy when God (or the God of your belief), woke you up this morning, for you to see another beautiful day. BE HONEST with yourself, if you are not fulfilling what you believe is your destiny, then fix it. We are given time to reflect, change, and make new. If you are itching for a fixing, then do it. Do not live for anyone but yourself, live the life that you love. Being honest with yourself is not just telling yourself that you need to change or that you are beautiful, it is about believing in your change, believing in your growth, believing in your beauty, and believing in your self love. Too many people are walking around this world simply existing, because they are not honest with themselves. They are living for someone else and they aren’t addressing the things that can/need to be altered. Always know that in the end you know yourself best. Don’t depend on somebody else’s love, money, or support, because when you are honest with yourself, no one can interfere with your vision.
 Ivy Coco
Photos taken by Mick Reed IG: @_soulfull
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    I loved the context and the pictures:)

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