A Loving Valentine


Dress: Missguided

Shoes: Forever 21

Jacket: Zara

          Valentine’s Day is seriously one heck of a holiday. Is it even really a holiday? lol. Guys feel they have to spend extra money on their significant other just to show a token of appreciation that is commercialized with large teddy bears, chocolates and flowers. Some girls are either eager to have a loving man in their life, could be possibly be at the club loving the single life with their girls, or unfortunately laying down eating sweets and watching the usual chick flicks. Me on the other hand, I have a totally different perspective on Valentine’s Day. Growing up my Mother taught me that everyday was Valentine’s Day. Every day when i would come from school she gave me the best kisses and would always have something sweet for me hiding in her purse. The amount of teddy bears she gave me were crazy, I even started my own stuffed animal collection. My Dad used to come to my school every year on Valentine’s day, and I would run out on my lunch break and see my Daddy holding a bear and chocolates, and in his amazing french accent he would whisper in my ear “I love you”. Then he would check me out of school for the rest of the day and take me to lunch. Through all the gifts and the material things my mother and father gave me, they both taught me how to love. I witnessed how my mother treat people with love on a daily basis, even if she didn’t know someone she acted as if she loved them for years. She told me that my grandmother always told her to be nice to all you can for as long you can. A daily nice gesture of just telling someone they are beautiful, handsome, or kind can really make someones day. Those small gestures have the biggest impact and that’s what a Valentine’s Day should be about; a kind gesture to show appreciation. Don’t get me wrong, the chocolates, the teddy bears, and the flowers are all amazing gifts, but sometimes if we just take a step back and think about the depth of love on a daily basis instead of annually, that’s the best gift of them all. Every year I try my hardest to send flowers with a funny note to my mother, father, grandmother, nanny, brother, and step-father. They are the people I talk to the most and they will always be my Valentines.

The most important type of love that is essential on Valentine’s Day and everyday is self love. It so important that you love yourself prior to being in a relationship or simply knowing how to treat others. Love can heal many obstacles, but it has an amazing power that heals ones self. When you wake up in the morning you must love what you see. When you are able to love yourself that is when everyone else begins to see your power, confidence, and that individual spark that makes you stand out. When you love yourself, a significant other with slowly begin to love you for  who are and realize that two can become one. Some people when they get attached to their confidant they slowly lose themselves, and its possibly because they lose sight of their self love. Love yourself in and out of a relationship with a man or woman. When you continue to allow yourself to grow on your own or in a relationship, you see that love spreads. Love heals the mind, body, heart, and soul, and with Self love you have the ability to be the healer of any hardship and realize that everyday is Valentine’s Day.



P.S. Don’t Give Up on yourself

Photos by: JKGphotography IG:@jkgphotography

Makeup by: Yewande from Excellence in Beauty IG@excellenceinbeauty

Both photographer and Makeup located in London, England




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