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As the first month of the new year comes to an end, I realize that it is time to set goals for myself. The more goals I set for years to come, the more I push myself to become a better individual. In the year 2014, I  put myself through unnecessary situations because I was not living up to my full potential. In the summer of 2014, I made a wise decision to expierence a new part of the world, and I chose London, England. It was the best decision I made for myself. I studied, met friends/ fellow bloggers, attended London Fashion Week, traveled all throughout Europe, and lastly I found a new part of myself.

I wasn’t trying to run away and leave the US, I was reinventing myself. My 1st goal was to let go. I needed to forget personal drama, and smell the gloomy London air, that I was strangely in love with. I let go and I let God. I prayed constantly, asking God to help me see my self victory succeed. Once I let go it was so easy to find new things that made me happy and I became more willing to converse with others about their life experiences. It’s so amazing how a simple conversation can make someone’s day or simply just expand the mind. Meeting new people is never boring, because its fun, fresh, and in your mind. But never get too comfortable, because when the feeling of something new and consistent  is gone, you can have the ability to lose sight of your goals or what really matters. To me, what matters is my happiness. In London, I was happy every single day, yes I was sad here and there, struggled with emotions, but it did not get the best of me. Everyday I remember waking up smiling. Smiling because i knew there would be something outside in the world that I still have never encountered, and I wanted to see.

Take risks and get out of your comfort zone, do the things you never thought were imaginable. Do the things that others told you, you were unable to do. Make sure that you continue to put your happiness first. London was my happy place that allowed me to return to my home town of Los Angeles, overwhelmed with joy. No matter how hard things might get, remember your happiness and self worth. Don’t run away from choices, think about your choices, don’t give up, smile and lift yourself up. If you hit a bump in the road, don’t turn around and go back to your old habits that got you in the rough place, create a new route that will lead you to eternal happiness.



P.s. Travel the world, because a new chapter is waiting for you.

Photography by: Jade (London based)

Contact- Instagram @JKGphotography

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    Why am i just seeing these pictures? LOVE LOVE LOVE

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