Bold Fall Lips


Jacket: BAR

Dress: Missguided

Boots: Forever21

Lip color: MAC- Night Moth

You know when it starts to get chilly outside it’s time to bring out the dark lips. To me, dark lips depict warmth, and dark colors make your lips look bigger and more plump. On Tuesday, I decided to dress up and head over to Marble Arch, here in Central London. It was lovely to see a new part of London filled with beautiful faces, and faces that wouldn’t stop staring and taking pictures of me while I took pictures for my blog(LOL). Spectators were so surprised that I was taking pictures, I mean what can I say? London is an amazing city how could I not take pictures? haha. I had to be bold.

This fall be bold, not just with you lip makeup, but with yourself. When people stare you have to be confident with yourself and just smile back. Also, you never know what people are thinking of you when they stare. Whether it’s negative or positive, it shouldn’t affect you, because you are living for yourself not others. Also, be bold with your wardrobe. Fall is the perfect time to rock warm colors, pastels, and great statement pieces. Utilize your color palette and discover new colors that compliment your skin tone and make you feel like one of a kind.



All Photos Taken by London Photographer Jade from JKGPhotography

Instagram Contact: @jkgphotography

Hair and Makeup by Excellence In Beauty (London Hair and Makeup Company)

Instagram Contact:@Excellenceinbeauty

Wardrobe styled by: Thalia Henao

Instagram Contact: @lastfevrier






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