Jacket: BAR

Dress: Missguided

Boots: Forever21

Lip color: MAC- Night Moth

You know when it starts to get chilly outside it’s time to bring out the dark lips. To me, dark lips depict warmth, and dark colors make your lips look bigger and more plump. On Tuesday, I decided to dress up and head over to Marble Arch, here in Central London. It was lovely to see a new part of London filled with beautiful faces, and faces that wouldn’t stop staring and taking pictures of me while I took pictures for my blog(LOL). Spectators were so surprised that I was taking pictures, I mean what can I say? London is an amazing city how could I not take pictures? haha. I had to be bold.

This fall be bold, not just with you lip makeup, but with yourself. When people stare you have to be confident with yourself and just smile back. Also, you never know what people are thinking of you when they stare. Whether it’s negative or positive, it shouldn’t affect you, because you are living for yourself not others. Also, be bold with your wardrobe. Fall is the perfect time to rock warm colors, pastels, and great statement pieces. Utilize your color palette and discover new colors that compliment your skin tone and make you feel like one of a kind.



All Photos Taken by London Photographer Jade from JKGPhotography

Instagram Contact: @jkgphotography

Hair and Makeup by Excellence In Beauty (London Hair and Makeup Company)

Instagram Contact:@Excellenceinbeauty

Wardrobe styled by: Thalia Henao

Instagram Contact: @lastfevrier






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Leather Jacket: Forever 21

Dress: Missguided

Shoes: Primark

In Paris I had the chance to visit Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche, which is a high class department store. This place is literally fashion heaven on earth. They carry every designer you could ever imagine. My father’s classically parisienne girlfriend was so excited to spend the weekend with me, and she made it a must to take to Le Bon Marché for view the Villa Sacai Exhibition. We slowly but surely made our way to the second floor, but on the way up we stopped at different departments just to “window shop”. The products of different designers and creators were so alluring, I felt I had broken my neck just twisting and turning, because I wanted to buy the whole store. I fell in love with makeup, clothes, perfumes, handbags (especially Celiné and Prada), also the handsome young men that greeted me at different departments.

Finally getting to the second, my breath was taken away walking into the Villa Sacai Exhibiton. The exhibition is the collection of the Japanese designer and creator Chitose Abe. It is a collection for both women and men, and it captivates viewers with refreshing bright colors such as green, pink, purple, blue, and much more. Each article of clothing was strutted exquisitely, and the textiles were to dye for. I was happy to witness fashion as artwork, and I was more appreciative of my fathers girlfriend for introducing me to my new favorite luxury department store Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche. I was given the opportunity to have a special mini tour with one of the curators. I learned, I lived, and I loved, and I think that is what Paris is all about.

Bisous Bisous,


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Jacket/Coat: Zara (Fall Essential)

Shirt: London, Stables Market

Jeans: Gojane.com

Shoes: DSW

Wallet Purse: Louis Vuitton

London is so close to so many European cities, like the city of Coco Chanel, PARIS! My father is a mixed French man, making me French and he blessed me with having dual citizenship. Since I was a little girl, I come to Paris often to visit my family and my father. Over the years, I have fallen in love with the architecture, fashion, scenery, and culture. I love being French, I feel it adds to my sense of style and my personality.

Thursday afternoon after my classes, I hopped on the Eurotrain and made my way home to Paris. It was a quick 2 hour train ride. Since I was on my way to Paris I had to wear my “Coco made me do it” tee-shirt, which I picked up in the Stables Market in London.  I am trying my best to take advantage of discovering news cities in Europe. I happily admit that I have a personal connection with Paris, but I also need to step out my comfort zone and realize there are 645 modern cities in Europe, and traveling is an opportunity of a life time. No matter where you are in life, there is something near to that is new that you might not realize. Try and google some areas in your city, state, island, country, or wherever you live, that you have never visited before. Sometimes we all just need to escape, because an escape creates memories,smiles, and most importantly it creates inspiration.

Bisous Bisous


Coco Chanel and Ivy Coco Fun Fact:

The man who gave Coco Chanel the name “Coco” was named Etienne, and Ivy Coco`s brother, Etienne, gave her the name “Coco” when she was born. Ivy Coco`s last name is Maurice, and Coco Chanel loved a man named Maurice.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset   Jumpsuit: Topshop (USA) Shoes: AMI Clubwear   It has always been my dream to go to a big fashion week other than Los Angeles (where I am from). Living in London I was blessed with the opportunity to go to London Fashion Week. I was thrilled and excited to witness spring and summer collections come alive in front of my face. I made sure I was comfortable, but fierce all at the same time. The event took place at the Somerset House in central London. I was quickly greeted by bloggers sand photographers who asked to take my photo. I guess my structured green short playsuit made a statement, which was my goal. Before I arrived in London, my mother took me on a grand shopping spree back home in Los Angeles. She wanted to make sure my clothes and sense of style would be at its best being abroad. Well I think that grand shopping spree at TopShop served me justice, because I was definitely serving it at London Fashion Week. LOL. Seeing amazing pieces of fashion strut down the runway was a dream come true. It made me realize that me being only 19, standing tall at 5`9, maybe I could have a future in modeling. You have to see your vision to believe your vision. You never know what God might be working on for you in the future.