Letting go in London


Jacket: Zara

Top: Boohoo.com

Pants: American Apparel

As a young student scholar, I made the decision to study in London for a semester (Aug-Dec). I was so excited and thrilled for myself, because I made an independent decision to try and become a citizen of the world. I have been in London for almost a month and I can totally say it is DIFFERENT from the United States. Some people think I am British and then some people think I’m from the states, so I somewhat blend in. At first, it didn’t hit me that I was really going to be here in London without my family, but I adjusted so quickly. I talk to my family and friends back home on a regular basis. I have created times to talk to them because the change in hours are quite large. As I grow into a woman, London is allowing be to obtain knowledge about different countries, my creative style, my fashion sense, my ability to understand different people/cultures and how different societies function. The party scene here is very cool and the Brits really now how to turn up on a whole other level (a little bit too much lol). I’m not just living in London, but I am letting go. Before I came to London, I realized I wasn’t letting go of my personal troubles and issues back home in the states. No matter how far you go emotions, pain, and sorrow always follows you. Realize that to open new doors you must let go and be open to new people, situations, practices, and learning a new and better way to live your life. Life is not always about you, life is bigger than you. My mission in London is to be a more open individual and let go. I am going to let go in London, because once you let go you, you are free, and being free in priceless. I am still learning but for my 4-5 months here I am going to listen to my family and friends and learn how to make better decisions for myself, love myself more, realize that with hard work anything is possible, and that I will always get back up because I am Ms. IvyCoco.


Ms. Ivycoco




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