Dress- Urban Outfitters (Sale)

Glasses: Venice Beach also available at

Shoes: Converse

Being back home in Los Angeles is always a blessing. I enjoy spending a lot of time with my mother, brother, my nanny who raised me, my father, and my other important relatives and friends that are near to my heart. My favorite perk of being at home is the amazing weather. The fact that I can wear a tank top dress all year around has to be the best. Also being at home my mother has inspired me to start wearing my natural curl hair, and I pretty much love it. As I continue to mature into a young woman, I find beauty in the simple things in life, like my natural hair and the clothes I wear. I love wearing a simple tank dress, and my worn out converse that I still cherish from high school. One thing I will always remember what my brother continues to remind me is “less is more, simple is beautiful, and with a smile you will go far”. So enjoy as much time as possible with your family, and be your simple self in a cute and comfortable outfit.