West Coast Chic: Live and Die in LA

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


Shirt: Forever 21 (Men’s)

No matter if I am near or far from my home town of Los Angeles, California, I always make sure others are aware that I am a proud Los Angeleno. Some of my favorite rappers are from Los Angeles, like Tupac, Snoop, Kendrick, and the list goes on. Tupac has to be my favorite though. He had the ability to be raw and real, while speaking the truth, even though I can do without the cursing. This shirt above truly shows my love for him as an artist and who he was as an individual. Last year in my Women and Gender Studies class we studied the evolution of black women in America from the 1800’s to modern day. I decided to do a project on the word “bitch” and how it correlates to women. I used an interview clip of Tupac explaining why young men and people refer to women and girls as “bitches” and took the song lyrics of his song “Wonda Why They Call You Bitch”. The video below shows why Tupac is my favorite rapper and I am not afraid to express my love for him through my fashion.



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